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kid cudi

No description

Elizabeth Luong

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of kid cudi

Kid Cudi
born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi
Cleveland, OH
Mexican, and Black
(Smith) How does Kid Cudi, a rap/hip-hop musician, identify with emo and hipster culture and what influence does this have on people who listen to his music? Rap authenticity Scale Rap
True to self
political issues
hard Not rap
sensitivity Rap music creates awareness of political issues such as racism and acts as a medium for white people to vicariously interact with black people(Sullivan 238). Emo Authenticity Many accuse emo culture of being a cause of teen suicide(Thomas-Jones). not hipster
designer sunglasses
night clubs
doctors, lawyers, scientists, ect. According to Mark Greif, hipsters basically try but fail to be a counter culter (anarchists, punks, hippies). They pick and choose which mass products to buy and convince themselfes that they are being rebelious. Rap and hip-hop lyrics
"I've got b*tch*s in the living room
Getting it on
and they ain't leaving
'til six in the morn'n"
-Snoop Dogg rhyme
elimination of syllables
You have to listen to the music as well as see the lyrics written on paper to notice certain patterns(Sanneh).
women are sexual objects Emo Lyrics
"The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt"
-Taking Back Sunday depressing
not many phonetic techniques used
women are heart breakers Cudi's lyrics
"If I slip away, If I die today, the last thing you remember won't be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur"

"Call me a , as long as you're a list'ner label me what you like"

"They can't comprehend or even come close to understanding him. I guess if i was boring they would love me more. Guess if I was simple in the mind everything would be fine.

-Cudi knows that he is different from other rappers "Maybe if i was a jerk to girls instead of being nice and speaking kind words, it would be okay to say then I wasn't a good guy to begin with"

"Don't want a woman just to love her assets, I still wife her up even with her flat chest"

"Girls that I dated it's okay I am not mad yo, Unless you stabbed me in the heart no love ho"

"I've got 99 problems and they all b-tches" "Tell me what you know about them night terrors every night 5am, cold sweats wakin up to the skies"

"Day n nite, I toss and turn, I keep stressin' in my mind"

-Cudi often mentions his nightmares Cudi's lyrics are not of a typical rapper's
-Women are not sexual objects
-Cudi does not write about drug dealing or the "hood"
-does not disrespect other artists in his music Some of Cudi's lyrics identify with Emo Culture
-Cudi admits to having had his heart broken by women
-Does not refrain from seeming vulnerable
-Raps about being haunted by night terrors
Cudi also has admitted that he often feels sad over odd things During an interview with Christian Hoard from Rolling Stone magazine, Cudi stares at his plate of uneaten fries, feeling sad because of kids starving in Africa.

"I get sad at the oddest of times," he says. "I need to see a shrink."(Hoard) Cudi is also sympathetic However.... Cudi always remembers to stay true to himself and does not try to be something he is not. Although Kid Cudi's lyrics are not as deep, a lot of it identifies with emo culture because he shares a lot of his emotion. Cudi's choice of clothing identifies with hipster culture. Cudi is still identified as a rapper because of his beats, his rhymes, and the fact that he stays true to himself. This is positive because Cudi tells listeners that it is okay to be what you want and not conform to just one culture. Emo- Short for "emotional". Originated in the 80's. Derived from punk/hardcore punk(Thomas-Jones). During an interview with Christian Hoard from Rolling Stone magazine, Cudi stares at his plate of uneaten fries, feeling sad because of kids starving in Africa.

"I get sad at the oddest of times," he says. "I need to see a shrink."(Hoard) emo
skinny jeans
flat ironed hair
band tees
not emo
happy always
blue jeans that flare
bright make-up
optimism HIPSTER Hipster authenticity hipster
thick rimmed glasses
obsessed with conflict between knowingness and ignorance
coffee shops
20-30 y/o
starving artists
hate being called hipster Kid Cudi sees different genres as different “races”. In an interview in 2010, Cudi stated that he is “trying to end the segregation between genres […] in a way that is appropriate […]. We can fuse some alternative rock with some electro and still put hip-hop on it […]. But at the same time it’s a song that you’ve never heard before with a sound that you’ve never heard before."(The Amazing) Cudi has admited to having an alter ego, Juan Pablo, who is black but belongs to a Mexican family. Juan tries to be Mexican even though he looks black. Cudi says that people just go along with it because they like Juan's confidence(Smith). Cudi believes that Juan's message is to be who/whatever you want to be(Smith). Works Cited

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