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Copy of Pay It Forward : Covenant House

By: Linh Diep, Linda Cong, Annie Ren, Erica Huang, Janse Dadis, Charlotte Smith Hollingsworth

Janse Dadis

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pay It Forward : Covenant House

The JELLAC's Pay it Forward Project Janse Dadis, Erica Huang, Linda Cong, Linh Diep, Annie Ren and Charlottle Simth Hollingsworth. The offical members of JELLAC. Our group decided to help Covenant House , an organization in downtown that helps homeless youth. What is Covenant House Vancouver? The first Covenant house was built in Toronto, Ontario. Covenant House helps youths from ages 16-24 who were forced to leave their homes because of physical, emotional or sexual abuse . There are many youths out there with these problems and Covenant House is a great organization that helps with homeless youth. The Covenant House in Vancouver was built in 1997. Covenant House Vancouver offers a 16-24 transitional living program called "Rights of Passage", a drop-in Counselling Center and a crisis shelter with 36 beds. Covenant House helps with youths annually, and has 50,000 donors each year.
There were around 3800 drop in visits, 700 mental health appointments, and 12,800 pairs of socks handed out.
There were over 10, 250 volunteer hours , over 89000 meals served to youth annually
360 litres of milk was consumed weekly
151,30 nights of shelter was provided to the youth
Covenant House provides services to about 1400 youths every year.
We had a toiletries drive for Covenant house.
We collected 306 toiletries in total.
Thank you all for the kind donations.

We also had posters posted around the school to educate staff and students of Templeton about youth homelessness. Prize winners:
1st place: Napassorn Limapichat
2nd place: Ashley Loi
3rd place: Ms. Koyanagi What We Did Who? Covenant House Not just any youth can stay at the Covenant House. Only youth who are qualified are allowed to stay there. Some are able to stay in the shelter for up to 2 years.
Covenant House has rules , if you can't follow those rules, you are not allowed to stay. If you want to stay you have to have to be applying for jobs. When? We figured out our passions, and organized what to do for our passions in December. From January to February, we prepared, planned, contacted organizations, and began the toiletry drive. On Saturday, February 25th, we went to Covenant House to donate the toiletries we collected. Where? Where the organization is located: The Covenant House has shelters in Vancouver and Toronto, there's also a growing amount of shelters in the United States.

The organization that we donated to is located on 575 Drake St. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Where we did the work: We discussed about our organization that we are helping, posted posters, advertised our toiletry drive at school.

We made posters and discussed about prizes for the toiletry drive at Linh's crib.

We organized donations, and met up at Charlotte's house. Why? We've all grown up seeing homelessness literally right outside our doorsteps. We realize that homelessness is a big issue in Vancouver, and wanted to find a way we could help, and learn more about the issue. We chose the Covenant House because they target Youth Homelessness, and most of us haven't heard or seen that many homeless youth, so it interested us into learning more, and it was also a way to help people our age.
1.Family Issues?
- get thrown out of their home
- feel the need to runaway
- feel unwanted
- have conflict affecting them
- experiencing physical or emotional abuse Why Are People Homeless? 2. Personal Problems
- mental illnesses (depression, bi-polar disorder)
- addictions (drugs, alcohol)
- disabilities affecting them
- no direction or guidance Pay It Forward Facts :
Thank you to everyone who donated toiletries to our Covenant House toiletries drive. We collected 306 items in a matter of 5 days, which have gone to Covenant House located on Drake street for homeless youth. 3. Some people just don't have a place to stay
- can't afford rent
- been living on the street for a long period of time
- are from out of the city and can't find a place to stay
- don't feel welcomed at home
- poverty
- grown out of the foster care system LOL!!! HAHAHAHA HI
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