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Cost of having a baby project

No description

Cameron Renfrow

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Cost of having a baby project

Cost of having a baby project
Cameron Renfrow
2nd Period
December 1, 2014

Pregnancy Needs ($470.00)
Maternity Wardrobe- a complete outfit x5 ($315.00)
Maternity underwear x5 ($50.00)
Maternity bra x3 ($24.00)
Comfortable, safe shoes x1 (63.00)
Prenatal vitamins (multivitamin-150 tablets) x2 ($18.00)
Delivery Needs ($10,529)
Hospital Delivery x1 ($8,929) vaginal with no complications
Prenatal and postnatal doctor visits x14 ($1,600)
Hospital delivery (revolutionhealthcare.com)
Baby's Clothing ($592.66)
0-34 month onesies x5 ($9.99)
0-3 month outfit x5 ($124.95)
3-6 month onesies x5 ($9.99)
3-6 month outfit x5 ($124.95)
6-9 month onesies x5 ($9.99)
6-9 month outfit x5 ($124.95)
9-12 month onesies x5 ($9.99)
9-12 month outfit x5 ($124.95)
socks x5 ($4.94)
shoes x3 ($17.97)
Brylee Renae Renfrow is a female. She was born in Temple, Tx on November 5, 2013. Her parents are Married, and employed with a normal income level (middle class).
Cost of having a baby
Maternity Wardrobe (Seraphine.com)
Maternity underwear (maternity2nursingcom)
Maternity Bra (maternity2nursing.com)
Comfortable, safe shoes (seraphine.com)
Prenatal vitamins (mothernature.com)
Prenatal and postnatal doctor visits (revolutionhealthcare.com)
0-3 month onesies (Target)
3-6 month onesies (Target)
6-9 month onesies (Target)
9-12 month onesies (Target)
0-3 month outfit (Target)
3-6 month outfit (Target)
6-9 month outfit (Target)
9-12 month outfit (Walmart)
Socks (Target)
Shoes (Target)
Sleeping Needs ($384.92)
Crib x1 ($279.99)
Baby blanket x5 ($84.95)
Crib Sheet x2 ($19.98)
Crib (Target)
Baby blanket (Target)
Crib sheet (Target)
Diapering Needs ($1,312.59)
Disposable diapers (huggies case of 1080) x30 ($749.70)
Baby Wipes (Huggies gentle care pack 784) x 48 ($527.52)
Diaper rash cream (A&D ointment 1lb tub) x3 ($35.37)
Disposable diapers (Diapers.com)
Baby wipes (Diapers.com)
Diaper rash cream (Target)
Feeding Needs ($973.52)
Nursing bra x1 ($6.99)
Disposable nursing pads (box of 60) x3 ($27.57)
Breast pump x1 ($27.49)
Bottles x5 ($18.99)
Formula (enfamil 24oz powder x40 ($759.60)
Burp cloth x5 ($18.99)
baby food (gerber case of 8) x10 ($104.90)
baby bibs x5 ($8.99)
Nursing Bra (motherhood.com)
Disposable Nursing pads (Diapers.com)
Breast pump (Target)
Bottles (Khols)
Formula (diapers.com)
Burp Cloth (Khols)
Baby food (toysRus)
Baby care supplies ($193.08)
Baby bathtub x1 ($11.79)
Baby lotion x5 ($8.45)
baby wash x 5 ($39.95)
baby powder x5 ($24.95)
hooded baby towel and washcloth x1 ($27.99)
detergent x5 ($79.95)
Baby bibs (buybuybaby.com)
Bathtub (Target)
Lotion (ToysRus)
Body wash (toysRus)
Baby powder (toysRus)
Baby towel/washloth (toysRus)
Detergent (Target)
Additional Items ($1,167.11)
Car seat x1 ($79.99)
Stroller x1 ($199.99)
Baby Bag x1 ($39.99)
Infant monitor x1 ($39.99)
Developmental Toy #1 x1 ($39.99)
Developmental Toy #2 x1 ($33.99)
Developmental Toy #3 x1 ($59.99)
Developmental Toy #4 x1 ($44.99)
Developmental Toy #5 x1 ($28.19)
Baby Sitter xMonth ($600)
Car Seat (Target)
Stroller (Walmart)
Baby Bag (Pottery Barn Kids)
Infant Monitor (target)
Developmental Toy #1 (Target)
Developmental Toy #2 (Khols)
Developmental Toy #3 (Target)
Developmental Toy #4 (Target)
Developmental Toy #5 (Walmart)
Baby Sitter (community.babysitter.com)
Final Calculations ($15,420.45)
Pregnancy Needs ($470.00)
Delivery Needs ($10,529.00)
Baby's Clothing ($592.66)
Sleeping Needs ($384.92)
Diapering Needs ($1,312.59)
Feeding Needs ($973.52)
Baby Care Supplies ($193.08)
Additional Items ($1,167.11)
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