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INTRO/Class Rules/Procedures 2018-19

No description

Taylor Rankin

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of INTRO/Class Rules/Procedures 2018-19

Welcome to Ms. Rankin's Class!
The Past
Abilene Cooper High School
West Texas A&M University - Bachelor's of Arts in Social Sciences
Student teaching at Midland Lee High School
This is my 12th year at Boys Ranch High School
The Present
live in Amarillo
like to do crafty art projects
enjoy traveling
love true crime
like swimming
obsessed with tiny houses
like dogs and cats {have two kitties}
kind of a neat freak
pretty uncoordinated
love Dr. Pepper and dark chocolate
Other Stuff You Should Know...
extracurricular activities
emails to team or coaches
I don't know everything
if you ever need anything...
Find the "Please Pick Up" table and grab your 2 papers.
Drop off your backpack in the front left corner.
Sit in your assigned seat and begin filling out your Who Am I sheet

The Future
finish up my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership (graduate in May!)
lots of house projects!
traveling to NYC and DC in June
planning more road trips and concerts
The Class Rules
Some Pics from my Summer
Honors WH Remind
World History Remind
1. Be on time
2. Be respectful.
3. Be prepared.
4. Be productive.
5. Be responsible.
*once a week
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