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Spike Lee


Dylan Lindahl

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of Spike Lee

Tells the story of Jesus Shuttlesworth, the most sought after high school basketball prospect in the nation. Jesus and his dream to make it to the big ranks in professional basketball are overshadowed by his father, Jake, who is spending his life in prison for killing Jesus' mother. Notice how Spike Lee uses many different
camera tecniques to set up the seen (dolly,birdseye)
Spike Lee directs, writes, and acts in movies.
most of his movies deal with the struggle for
African American rights. Malcolm X Biography of Malcolm X, a famous African
American leader In this scene he manipulates the
lighting to express the two different
characters Jungle Fever A successful and married black
man contemplates
having an affair with a white
girl from work.
He's quite rightly worried
that the racial difference
would make an already taboo
relationship even worse. This scence is unique because
I counted only 2 changes of scene,
it is all a continuous shot making
it seem real Spike Lee Spike Lee He Got Game The End
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