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Transition Parents

Year 5/6 parents presentation

Ed Mosley

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Transition Parents

Key Stage 2 - 3

What the inspectors said...
The quality of the students’ personal development is excellent throughout. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is outstanding. It is supported by excellent pastoral care.
The students are proud to be members of the school and value the opportunities it provides.
Highly effective pastoral support and a positive inclusive ethos, underpins the work of the school.
Teachers and support staff provide a high level of care and guidance to all students, helping to create a positive atmosphere that celebrates each individual's achievements.
There is a powerful sense of care and support permeating the whole school campus. Students across all key stages are happy young people who are proud of their school and thrive on the learning experiences that it provides.
Tutor Group
Assessed in each
subject area
Monitoring Reports
Approx. 6 weeks
All subjects
Effort and Attainment

October - Parent/Tutor

December - Parent/Teacher

March - Parent/Teacher
"A wide range of extra-curricular activities provide students with the opportunity to develop their interests. The importance of extra-curricular provision including clubs and school trips, are in line with British best practice"
"Students interviewed stated with pride that they have too much choice."
The school has a thriving extra-curricular activities program across the school. All staff are involved in the delivery of activities and 88.5% of students across Key Stages 3 to 5 participate in the program
Academic Achievement
Tutor Targets
Academic Effort
Success Criteria
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