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Paradigms and Principles

No description

Veronica Kobes

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Paradigms and Principles

Paradigms and Principles What is a Paradigm? Paradigms are perceptions
about the way things are. It is like putting on a pair of glasses and that is how you see yourself, others, and life. There are different
types of paradigms Self Others This is the way you see yourself. You may have good or bad paradigms. If you have a bad one, you may want to change it to a good one. Self
Life Life We don't only have paradigms of ourselves, but also of others. Seeing things from a different point of view can help us to understand why others act how they do. We also have paradigms of the world in general. This includes our centres in life. As a Christian, our centre is God. Principles Paradigms What are Principles? Principles are rules, beliefs or ideas you base your life around. Think of a wheel: the centre is what you focus on and the spokes around it are what reflect on your main focus Our main focus should be God. God Examples of Principles: Respect
Hard work
Gratitude Honesty
Responsibility Centres that other people may have include: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
God Boyfriend/Girlfriend Centred Work centred Friend Centred Self Centred Parent Centred Being too focused on that special someone can really distract you from other things. Care about them, but don't be obsessed with them. Being too focused on your work is also a problem. Work hard because everything you do, you do for God, but don't let it control your life. God Centred This is the centre we should have. God is the most important thing in our lives. We live here for him. Why should we live for anything else when we have Him? As much of a help as friends are, we should not centre our lives on them. Yes, friends are great! But you can't do everything together. Being dependant on them will make it harder to be independant. You are yourself, but don't go out of your way for only you. Change yourself and be a help to friends and others, afterall, we are to love our neighbours as ourselves. Me Parents are the ones who raise you and love you. Sometimes they expect great things from you that you can't give, like being a good athlete or a straight A student. Don't spend your whole life trying to please them. By Veronica Sports/Hobbies Centred The worst thing to base your life on is money. Some people can never have enough money. They just spend and go into debt. Honestly, you don’t need a lot of money. God will always provide. We should be focusing on God, not money. You can’t buy love and happiness with money. And there are many people in the world in need, and barely get by with one meal a day and we try to please the people around us with big fancy meals, fancy sports cars. We should not be trying to impress our friends or the special someones we should be trying to please God in everything we do. Stuff Centred Everybody loves stuff. But letting stuff control your life is a serious problem. Becoming a hoarder can make you and your life like that of the TV show Hoarding. Hero Centred Every kid dreams of being a superhero, but you cant be like batman and superman... that's just not real. But you can be a hero without the suits and superpowers, jsut reach out a 'save' someone's day by giving them a hand. Enemy Centred Enemies can make your life hard, especially if we centre around them by focusing on hating them and all that. God created us in His image, therefore we should try to be like Him and be kind to others, patient, loving, caring.
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