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Terms And Conditions May Apply

No description

Mark Richter

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Terms And Conditions May Apply

Terms And Conditions May Apply
By: Mark Richter

Through agreeing to things in the terms and conditions of products, people agree everyday for their personal information to be viewed, sold, and used. They sell things such the names of your friends and family, your finances, and other private information. This information is not only sold to the highest bidder, but it is sometimes shared with anybody (Hoback).
Advantages/Disadvantages of a Documentary
A documentary usually makes emotional appeals, while books or websites usually use a more logical approach. These approaches are almost equally effective in getting the main message of the book/documentary across in my opinion, but one is better for a book, and the other for a movie. A emotional appeal is better for a documentary, because it is more exciting and holds your for longer. A logical approach is best for a book because when reading something like a textbook, the reader will want the facts to be found easy (Jade).
Advantages/Disadvantages of a Documentary Cont.
One bad thing about a documentary is they usually only gives the watcher one view on the issue, while a book could give you both sides of the issue. Only giving one viewpoint may be beneficial to the creators of the documentary, but it can be problem to the viewer. If the viewer isn't presented with both sides of the issue, they would be forming a biased opinion on the issue discussed in the film (Jade).
Terms And Conditions May Apply. Dir. Cullen Hoback. Roco Films, 2013. Film

"Terms And Conditions May Apply." IMDb. 12, July 2013. Web. 19 May, 2014

Jade, Cassandra. "10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Then Movies." Wordpress. 17 Nov. 2009. Web. 19 May, 2014
What Is This Movie About?
This movie,
Terms And Conditions May Apply
, is about all of the hidden things in the terms and conditions of electronic products. This movie highlights the fact that consumers basically agree to have their personal information sold to the highest bidder, and also accessed by the government (Hoback).
This Films Methodology
This film is really only shows one side of this issue. By only showing one side of the issue, the documentary wants you to form an option that the selling of your information to the highest bidder is bad. This is done ethical because all the facts are true, but they are just showing one side of the argument (Hoback).

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