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Charles Manson

No description

bailey corn

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Charles Manson

Charles manson was born to a sixteen year old, still a child her self. She had no sence of responibilty, she hadn't even named him untill Mansons step dad came along. The inviroment he lived in was not suited for a child at all. they never had rules or disapline, she ended up selling him for a pitcher of beer to a childless waitress.

Since charles manson had no rules or structure, he couldn't understand society. He seems to not know the differnce between wrong and right, he doesn't think any of the things he has done are wrong. Sociology
Charles manson started out with his mother.After she sold him for beer the lady to whom she sold him to gave her to his aunt and uncle. His mother was just done her five year senctence and she got Manson back, they then lived in rundown hotel rooms. A little while after she tryed to put him in a foster home but there were none open at the time. The court placed him in a boys home witch 10 months laters he escaped to go to his mother and she rejected him. He robbed a few places to get money to have a place to stay he was put the junvinnile center a few time. A case worker had deemed him agressivly

Symbolic interactionism.
He was never shown love he was always shown hate, so that is all hes never known . Manson grew up competly alone his mother didnt love him he never knew who his father was, you can imagen what that can do to a person. After his other refused him nurmous times and he spent little time in jail he created his own family, most lilky to fullfill his need too be loved. Manson had believe that the song helter skelter had prediced a war and the blacks were going to kill all the whites. His first killing was a black man for basicly no reason at all. It seems he minpulated people for him so he could get attention and love from them Behaviourism
He was raied terribly with no love no rules a mother who hated him, and he spent half if life in and out of jail and boys home, so him being crazy could have alot to do with the way he was raised, and his need to be loved.
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