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The Journey of Odysseus

The voyages and adventures of Odysseus and his men

melissa gillis

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of The Journey of Odysseus

The Journey of Odysseus Troy
Odysseus and his men start journey after winning the Trojan war. Odysseus had idea wooden horse and giving it to the Trojans hiding inside to gain access to the city. The Island of Cicones
Odysseus' men stopped to raid the island for food and supplies. Take what was necessary and leave asap. Greedy and stayed . While they were looting the Cicones attacked and killed 72 men. The Island of the Lotus Eaters
Odysseus sends out 2 men for food. They eat the Lotus flower, forget everything and only crave Lotus flowers. Odysseus finds them and forces them back onto the ship. Aeolia (island of Aeolus)
Odysseus lands on Aeolia home of the god of the winds, Aeolus. Aeolus gives him a bag filled with all the bad wind to sail to Ithaca. Only his men open the bag and all the wind escapes and arrive back on Aeolia. Aeolus just sends them away believing the gods have cursed their journey. The island of Laestrygonians
Laestrygonians who are cannibals, attack Odysseus and his men. One lone ship survived the attack. The island of Aeaea
Odysseus sends his men to scout. they do not return he goes to find out what happened. He is confronted by Hermes who tells him the Circe is up ahead, to survive her magic he needs to eat the poisonous plant Moly. He eats the herb and defeats Circe. Odysseus finds his men were turned to swine and has them changed back. Circe begs them to stay which they do because Circe promised info on how to return home. Circe tells them the need to visit Tiresias a prophet in the Underworld. The Underworld (Hades)
Odysseus heads to Hades. When he finds Tiresias he's told to head toward Scylla and Charybdis but to sail towards Scylla and only 6 men will die as opposed to all of them. The island of the Sirens
The Sirens sing to lure sailors to their island. While passing the island Odysseus is tied to the mast and place beeswax in his mens ears. They can’t hear the Sirens and they sail by, when out of range Odysseus tells them to take out the beeswax. Circe
Odysseus and his men recieve beeswax rom Circe. Scylla and Charybdis
Odysseus choses to sail towards Scylla the six headed seas serpent who will eat 6 of his men instead of Charybdis the whirlpool. By Melissa Gillis The island of Cyclopes
Odysseus and his men are desperate for food and water. find a cave with cheese and wine. Odysseus decides to stay and wait for the owner to return. Polyphemus the Cyclops returns to Odysseus and his men eating his food. Polyphemus eats 2 of Odysseus’ . Odysseus’ name he says is nobody. They intoxicate Polyphemus and wait for him to fall asleep. While sleeping Odysseus blinds and then escape on the underside of Polyphemus’ sheep. Polyphemus leaves his cave shouting that “nobody blinded him” so nobody helps him. Thrinacia (Helios’ Island)
Odysseus and his men stop on Thrinacia where Helios has his cattle. A storm traps them with no food so Odysseus sets off to prey to Athena for it to stop but falls asleep. Before he leaves he warns his men not to touch the cattle but they're hungry and decide its better to risk then slowly starve. So they kill and eat the cattle. Helios is furious and goes to Zeus to get them punished. Zeus throws a lightning bolt at their ship destroying it and killing them. The only survivor is Odysseus . Ogygia (Calypso’s Island)
After his ship was destroyed Odysseus floats on the ship wreckage to the island of Ogygia. Ogygia is an island of women, specifically a nymph named Calypso. Calypso seduces Odysseus and detains him on the island for seven years. Calypso offers Odysseus immortality to stay with her but he wants to go home, so he builds a small boat and escapes her clutches with the aid of Hermes/Zeus.
Phaeacia (Island of the Phaecians)
Odysseus is sailing in his boat when Poseidon destroys it because he is angry with him. Odysseus washes up on Phaeacia and meets King Alcinous at the palace. Odysseus tells the king of his ten-year journey during a feast. King Alcinous lends Odysseus a ship and sends him on his way to Ithaca.
Odysseus arrives home to Ithaca but has been disguised by Athena as a beggar while he assesses the loyalties. Odysseus finds his son Telemachus and reveals his identity. Telemachus is shocked and doesn’t believe him but Odysseus explains his journey . Odysseus tells Telemachus his plan to reclaim the house and how they have Zeus and Athena on their side. Though it takes some convincing because of the amount of suitors they would have to fight eventually Telemachus agrees. Odysseus infiltrates his house with Telemachus. Telemachus hides the armour and weapons. Penelope offers a challenge, whoever can string Odysseus’ bow and shoots it through the axe-handles like Odysseus used to do would be the king.
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