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Elizabeth Forrest

No description

Will Haddock

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Elizabeth Forrest

Elizabeth Forrest is a 45 year old female born and raised in New York State. She attended Harvard University where she earned a Political Science degree and returned after graduation to attend Harvard Law School where she received her Law Degree. She is a Moderate Democrat and currently the governor of New York, where she lives with her husband and two children
Raising the Minimum Wage
Electoral strategy
Battle Ground states
Florida: They have voted Democratic these past two elections. With a fast growing black and Hispanic population it will become more important to win them over. In this state we can hold debates focusing on immigration and a looser border control policy, securing the rising minority vote in Florida is our top priority. We also plan to put some focus on the average Family, pulling issues that affect their lives like stopping bullying which has been popular in the state policies, Children's safety above all else. Also, with the highest percentage of elderly voters, we'll really push the continuation of social security to receive strong elderly support
Battle ground states
Colorado: Having a woman president will have a great turn out in women voters in the state. We plan to focus our environmental policies here where it has grown to be a significant issue. Protecting Colorado from pipelines and creating wind based energy sources will help us gain their support We need to appeal to the unassociated voters in hope of gaining their favor. We will pick up volunteers and create stage bases to actively appeal to the people's interests.
Battle ground states
Nevada: The state's largest concern is the economy,
With the economy declining jobs are also in decline. By raising the minimum wage and advocating for business we hope to jump start the economy and get people to spend and make money. A higher minimum wage will ultimately funnel a larger sum of money into the state economy while also creating a livable environment for Nevada residents. We will also create more public projects in order to establish more job prospects for the state's people
Battle ground states
North Carolina: We plan to get to this state early and try to pull in all the early voters. By hitting the bigger counties early we will sweep the state before our rival can even get there. North Carolina is experiencing a decline in the economy. Raising the minimum wage will help get the people spending more and thereby give back to the economy. North Carolina also had one of the largest turn outs for Obama care, so promising to continue Obama care will be a huge priority for us, especially in North Carolina
Battle ground states
Virginia: With many shifting demographics in Virginia, we will have to try and pull in almost every demographic: young, White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian. To do this we will focus on the social issues and the everyday things that these people have to deal with. A big focus will also be the military veterans in the state. Virginia is home to the biggest concentration of U.S. Navy assets in the country. By sympathizing with them as the daughter of a military veteran we will try and pull their votes, as well as the fact that we want to avoid Ground troops in Iraq. Our plan of keeping American feet off Iraqi soil, we will have a larger need for naval bases off shore near the middle east to support air strikes. This would increase naval spending and attention to Virginia
Elizabeth Forrest
Battle Ground states
-Unemployment problem
-Auto industry
-Economic recovery
-abortion rights/parenthood
-common people get attention/ suppport to families

-note not done with this one yet
Battle ground states
Battle ground state
One of her top priorities is raising the national minimum wage to create a liveable income for every American citizen. She wants to assure people won't have to work two jobs just to support a family or put food on the table. Increasing the national minimum wage allows stimulation of the economy which is critical to the future of our country.
Preserving the Environment
Our environment is by far our most valuable resource. Projects such as the Keystone Pipeline work to destroy our environment for monetary gains. Forrest will also reduce carbon emissions by pushing for more environmental friendly motor vehicles and sources of energy, securing the future of our country.
Rationing our troops
The current state of Iraq is beyond repair and we can not continue to risk American lives on a project that has already failed and will continue to fail. However, Forrest will not stand for the actions taken by ISIS and will continue with airstrikes while keeping our soldiers out of the line of fire. Decrease in spending here will allow more funding to environment-friendly programs.
Ohio is suffering from unemployment rates and is currently in a recovering economy. The auto-industry is a major part of the state. We can advocate for cleaner cars playing to our environmental policy. By doing this we will increase the amount of eco-friendly cars on the road and create more job opportunities from the growing industries that is eco friendly motor vehicle. The common man plays a big role in the state, by appealing to families by offering more support for the average family via raising the minimum wage we can win over the average voter.
Two major issues in Iowa are health care and the economy. The average man in Iowa is scared of debt. It is getting harder and harder to afford a comfortable living. By holding debates throughout the state we can draw in our voters and be able to advocate for business in order to give back to the economy. Raising the minimum wage would be a good start. Giving money to the people helps stimulate the economy. We can also get people back on an affordable healthcare plan which can help stop them from spending unnecessarily large amounts of money. Iowa also has a large elderly population, supporting the continuation of social security will win us a large portion of the elderly vote.
Wisconsin is also one of many states suffering from unemployment and a bad economy. The focus in this state is to try and win over the following groups of women: urban, non-married, political moderates, and low incomers. As a woman candidate, we will already appeal to the women. Raising the minimum wage will appeal to the low income workers. We can also provide family benefits for the urban man.

Stump Speech

It is the President's duty to ensure the safety and prosperity of America's Citizens. I run on the promise that we will make America better. I plan to accomplish this by supporting the lower class, defending our natural environment, and reducing involvement in the middle east. As it stands right now, a large number of Americans are not able to live comfortably because they are receiving low wages. It will be my duty as President to ensure that the national minimum wage is increased in order to support the lower class and boost the economy. By raising wages, poor families will be able to send their children to college and spend more successfully stimulating the economy. My next goal is to ensure that our Earth is healthy for us and future Americans. I guarantee the environment will be protected by increasing funds to EPA as well as instituting more green sources such as solar panels and hydroelectricity. I will also increase research into newer green energy sources and hopefully implement them. A large sum of our budget goes to funding military forces in the middle east. These funds could be used better for domestic funding. We have already put too many troops and resources in the middle east, and while ISIS remains a problem I refuse to risk any more American lives in the War on Terror. Ultimately, these policies will help me build a better America. A vote for me is a vote for a better and future.

Our country is leaning towards alternative sources of energy, this means we plan to push solar and wind powered energy as well as electric powered motor vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Minorities have tended to sway democrat in recent elections and our plan to loosen border control and continue Obama's strategy will win over a growing Latino vote. Regarding Isis, we will not be putting boots on the ground, and instead supporting tactics in the air to reduce the risk of American Lives. And Finally to win over our elderly vote, we will campaign for the continuation of social security in critical states with large elderly populations such as Florida and Iowa.
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