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Pride and Prejudice Presentation

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Amanda Maier

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Pride and Prejudice Presentation

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice is set in early 19th century England. The protagonist of the novel is Elizabeth Bennet, second of five daughters. This book deals with marriage, morals, upbringing, social standing and family expectations during this time period. Short Summary: How Much Do You Really Know?
Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bingley
Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy
Mr. Colins Mr. Colins
Mr. Wickham No one proposed to her Elizabeth is proposed to by which of these characters? A) B) C) D) Jennie,
& Myra Jane,
& Marietta Jane,
& Mary What are the names of the five Bennet sisters? Jennie,
& Marie A) B) C) D) Mr. Bingley Mr. Wickham Mr. Lucas Mr. Darcy Who does Lydia run away with? A) B) C) D) Elizabeth's best friend Mr. Darcy's sister The rich snobby girl The town flirt Who is Charlotte Lucas? D) C) B) A) For her daughters to all marry rich men To live a long, happy life To move up in her social standing What does Mrs. Bennet want most in life? Basic Timeline -Mrs. Bennet wants all of her daughters to marry rich men -Jane and Mr. Bingley fall in love
-Mr. Darcy starts to like Elizabeth, but doesn't want to talk to her
-Mr. Darcy makes his friend Bingley leave town because he doesn't want Jane and Bingley to get married -Elizabeth starts to like Mr. Wickham
-Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, who says no because she hardly knew him
-Mr. Collins married Charlotte Lucas -Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth who says no
-Lydia runs off with Wickham
-Darcy helps find Lydia
You will have to read the book to find out. To always be the center of attention A) B) C) D) Lydia Kitty Elizabeth Jane Mary Charlotte & Elizabeth =
Best Friends
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