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Copy of The Future of the Pentamode Metamaterial

A scientifically engineered fabric that at the moment is simply a prototype but will lead to great things in the future.

Micky Teng

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Future of the Pentamode Metamaterial

Making Science Fiction A Reality: The Pentamode Metamaterial!
Penta, derived from a Greek root, means 5.
Pentamode metamaterial: scientifically engineered fabric that will, in theory, be able to make the covered object inaudible
A parameter is a constant or variable term in a function that determines the specific form of the function but not its general nature. So in this case, the parameters are the qualities the material has that do not change.
Negative refractive indexes: a property not found in any natural occurring material
Metamaterial: materials beyond the imaginable
Sugar Loaf: the nickname for the microscopic connection between ends of the individual threads of the metamaterial.
material science+photonics+nanotechnology=
Pentamode Metamaterial!

BECAUSE it has 5 shear parameters and 1 compression parameter! These are the properties that allow water to be stirred easily but impossible to compress
In theory, the pentamode metamaterial
sits on top of an object and the object
automatically becomes muted because sound
vibrations are being bent around that object.
Sadly, though, so far it is only theoretical.
Dr. Muamer Kadic compares creating the seamless metamaterial to “building a scaffold from pins that must not touch but at their tips".
One big problem is deciding which is more important: building up size or making sure that each angle of each “sugar loaf” is precise. The finished product must be able to do both of these before it can be put out into the public
bigger in
volume in
order to be
used in the
real world!
Only one college is
working on the
project when so
many others could join!
Supporting details
on why the
pentamode metamaterial
will work
we should not give up hope
in this metamaterial because...
metamaterials and
are so new to the world.
People will certainly be
very focused on
this topic soon!
A newer and better Pentamode Metamaterial
the research group at KIT is fantastic.
Martin Wegner, leader of the
pentamode metamaterial experiment,
has had countless accomplishments
due to his method of direct laser writing.
It is a perfect example of progress in technology.
It is a part of a whole new breed of materials, the metamaterials.
most importantly, it will lead to such amazing things as invisibility cloaks, new loudspeaker concepts, inaudibility cloaks, etc.
I have faith in the pentamode metamaterial, and I know in the end, it will brighten our future.
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