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Review Tool Template

This is a template to teach you how-to create review questions. It also has an additional review tool once you explore this Prezi. Originally thought as a tool for a classroom, any training program could use this. Copy and use away!

Josh Kohnert

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Review Tool Template

Prezi in the Classroom
A Review Tool
Ask your question
Answer 1 - Wrong
Answer 2 - Wrong
Answer 3 - Right
Answer 4 - Wrong
Review Game
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Category 5
Set up a multiple choice
Either reveal the right answer with a check mark...
...or zoom to the correct answer
True or False: I can do true or false questions this way.
Or Even Short Answer
Use the fade in effect to hide your sample answer to the question. Then reveal when ready!
Same can be done for "True or False"
Use These Resources
Each question (even this one) is ready for you to click and edit the text!

You may even duplicate the entire board to create more rounds!
These single questions are great for mid lesson review, but this last resource is great before exams....
Instructions to Set-Up Review Game!
1. Set the Path to: question number, frame of question, big board.

2. Repeat until all questions are in the Path.

3. Apply fade-in effect for both question and answer possibilities. Use invisible frame to collectively reveal answer possibilities for each question.

4. When using board in presentation mode, click on the question then advance with the arrow keys on the keyboard for each question.

5. Customize and Enjoy!

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