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Virtual Career Dev


rohit rastogi

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Virtual Career Dev

Virtual Career Development
About the project..
Purpose of the project
Tools/Environment Used
Further Enhancements
Another Form Of Distance Learning.
Web Application that uses JSPs.
Database Used Is Ms Access.
Register Online.
Select Subject.
Read Tutorials & Appear For Its Exam.
Result Appear ThereAfter.
Registration,Date of exam & Result etc are saved in database.
About Exam Conducted
Minimum passing Percentage is 50%.
Three attempts allowed.
Exams divided into levels.
To provide distance learning.
Cost Reduction.
Reduced Paper Work.
Computer Evaluated Tests.
Ample Of opportunities for global studies
Pentium III/IV(Preferably IV).
256 Mb Of RAM.
Web Server: Apache Tomcat 6.0.
JSPs, HTML, Servlets.
JDK 6.0.
MS Access.
Operating System: Windows Xp/ME/2000/vista.
No facility for multiple choice answers.
No Subjective answers.
Questions to be added to direct database only.
Module to add questions through an interface to database.
Allow Multiple choice and Subjective questions.
Tutorials can be made available in animated/other video formats.
ER & Class Diagrams
ER Diagram
Class Diagram
Rohit Rastogi
Raghav Aggarwal
Rahul Sharma
Anshul Jain
Class Diagram 2
Home Page
Payment Received
Course Download
User Profile
Downloaded Course
Contact Us Page
Enquiry Page
Exam To Be Conducted
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