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Cool Infographics

No description

Amy Brewer

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics
Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design
A book by Randy Krum
Data Visualizations
visual representation of numerical values
data visualization
Complete story
three-part story format
The Main Event
conclusion/call to action
Static Infographics
simplest (ha!) and most common
saved as image file for easy distribution online and to print on paper
no special add-on extension required to share online
Zooming Infographics

adds an additive layer to large, static infographics online
generally used for large designs and posters
allows readers to zoom in closer to read the details
Clickable Infographics
add user interface layer to static infographics by making certain regions of the design clickable HTML links
Animated Infographics
Creates some motion or change to the design as the reader watches
these are NOT video files
animated with HTML code or an image file format to create the animation, but can exist as an object online
you can use the advantage of these infographics to remove secondary information and additional details from the primary infographic design
often created as an HTML Image Map
Video Infographics
easy to share and use thanks to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo
these don't HAVE to be made with high-end animation software
Interactive Infographics
give readers some control over the data or the visualization displayed
keep reader engaged with the data for a much longer period of time than static infographics
what makes a good infographic?
it must inform
it must be entertaining
it must persuade
Eliminate Chart Legends
they make readers work twice as hard to understand a particular chart
the designer needs to try to minimize eye movements of the readers
Hard to believe?
enables anyone to create an
interactive, zoomable image

TAbleau Software is one of the leaders in designing and providing interactive visualizations.

The tableau public version is available for free!
you will like this!
open-source vector graphics editor that adds the use of Scalable Vector Graphics as the native format
it's FREE! www.inkscape.org
Preferred tool of the author for putting final infographic designs together. It is easier to use than AI or ID

It is a Mac-only program, though
The app is 49.99
online too for creating word clouds out of any text
it's free!
easy to use chart generator
it's free!
Helpful websites for data

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