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PFG Flow Chart

No description

jeremy beal

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of PFG Flow Chart

Referrals Direct Mailings Charity Silent Auctions Local Newspaper Ad Church Bulletin Open Workshops CPA/ ATTNY Mailings Corporate Nesting Honeywell
Clearwater, Fl Burt's Bees
Durham, NC Acquire a Practice Speak To Office Schedule MTG
( What To Bring )
( What To Expect ) Mail Welcome Kit
(Branded) View 9-Box DVD
Hard Copy or Web Inquire About Any Specific Issue Provide Branded Checklist
Paper Vs Paperless Hobby or Interest Questionaire Provide Directions Ask For Fav Drink & Fav Cookie Copy Statements Scan Paperless
(Response Time) Drink/ Food
Log in AA
Hobbies too Fact Finder on Table Name on Marque MTG 1 Prep Initial MTG Fact Finder 1 Fact Finder
Value Discussion Demonstrate sample
9-Box / Retirement Plan (Big Screen) Handouts
Paper vs Paperless
Deliverable Appt Card for Next
MTG 2 (Branded) Create Comp Files
AA Maintain Paperless Files Follow-Up Letter
Branded Compose Outline of Ideas LTC Analysis Risk Management Analysis Create Retirement Analysis Create 9-Box (Proposal) Create 9-Box (Current) MTG Prep 2 Follow-Up
MTG 2 Outline of Ideas 9-Box Current Situation Retirement Projection (Model) 9-Box Proposed Handouts
Paper vs Paperless Hiring Decisions Agree to Action Plan MTG Prep 3 E Apps or Traditional Proposals - GTS, EAS, Direct Products, Fee Case Product Prospectus Follow- Up Letter Put File Away
Send Thank You
Letter Closing Meeting 3 Explain/ Teach Proposal Details Client Kept Paperwork in Folder Our Paperwork Signatures Processing Deliveries Submit APS Add to Follow Up Chart Log Checks Update
9Box Update AA Order Parameds Follow-Up
Referals Add To Quote Track EAS Buys in House Package & Values Talk Again Delivery MTG 4
Top Prospects QTRLY Deliverables Annual Review Prep Print Monthly Call List Make APPT
Calls Print Updated 9 Box Print IT w/ % YTD
Print Black Diamond
Report Annual Questions Prepared Asset
Form Review All Reports vs Letter Accountables 9-Box Process............................................. Input all New Assets Gathered (This QTR) on 9-Box Make All Chart # Red Gather Vendor Value's off IT, etc File Purge Organize Follow Up LTR 9 Box DVD Hand Out Retirement Analysis Update 9-Box Accountable Discussion Values Discussion Referral Talk Face to Face Skype Annual Review MTG Gatherings Subject Related Widows
Clutch Skype
Youtube Email Blasts
(Compliant) Stamps Annual Deliverables Birthday Cards 9 Box Inquires Related Touches
WOW Birthday Songs Appreciation Banquets Mail Out LTRS w/ Cover LTR & Disclosure Write LTR LTR Compliant Update 9-Box Charts as They Return Start Update A & B Regulars in Blue Update Non Response 9-Box Alert Scott of Notes Oddities Inter- Generational MTG Prep Meeting w/ Parents Decide Level of Detail Estate Issues Having Proper # of 9-Box for Family Have PFG Envelope 9-Box DVD Call to Have
Values Talk Write Compliant Personal QTLY LTR Amnesty Decision Follow up MTG or Phone Calls To Suggested Re-balance Intergenerational MTGS Garden Talk Follow Kids to Car w/ Envelope Heirs Continuation & Assistance Death Kit Eulogies Letter From PFG Annually Quarterly Follow Up Phone Call To Non Responders Scan In Documentation To Support Values Scott To Chart Individual % By Risk Tolerance Unique Events Creating A Unique Experience Scott J. Petrucci, ChFC www.scottpetrucci.com Mariner's Pass www.scottpetrucci.com Yes! No Thanks Mail out Ltr
with 9 - Box
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