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Golden Ratio

No description

Jacob Young

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio 1.61803399 This is an example of what is
called a logaritmic spiral. It will
Spiral in on itself forever and it
can be found in golden triangles
and golden rectangles. If we connect the vertices of the regular
pentagon, we can get two different
Golden Traingles. The sides of the blue
triangle form a golden ratio with its base,
and the base of the red trangle forms a
golden ratio with either of its sides The Golden Ratio can also be easily found in architecture.
This example of roman architecture shows at least
5 examples of golden rectangles and 2 golden triangles. This Nautalis shell is a perfect spiral
example of the golden ratio in nature. Even the Mona Lisa is an example of this formula.
Golden ratios can be found in all sorts of places in art. An example of the golden
ratio in anture is this plant.
It contains several of the
golden spirals and it also
contains a star in the middle. As an example of how well stars demonstrate the golden ratio, here is an example of a star broken down into HUNDREDS of Golden triangles! In fact this entire prezi is inside a giant Golden Rectangle!
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