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A presentation to introduce the "Going To" Future to Elementary Students of ESL. Barnidio Sorribes Secondary School. Curuzú Cuatiá - Corrientes - Argentina.


on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of "GOING TO" FUTURE:

have coffee
eat in a restaurant
cook meal
go shopping
do the homework
meet some friends Guess what!!! ROSSIE PLANS AND INTENTIONS: PLANS, INTENTIONS, AND EVIDENCES MRS. BISHOP FRENCH, RUSSIAN RUSSIAN TRAVEL OVER THE WORLD TEACH DANCING OPEN A DANCE SCHOOL BUY A CAR TRAVEL OVER THE WORLD WRITE ******* Rossie's going to be a ballet dancer. She's going to ... She isn't going to... Affirmative:

We/have coffee
He/catch a bus
You/wash your hair

I/cook meal
They/meet some friends
She/do her homework
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