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Kiki Leung

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of 16:00

Public viewpoints towards the influences of monster parents on their children in Hong Kong
TANG TSUN KI ACHILLES Objectives Influence of the parenting style of Monster Parents on their children SID:
53083355 Group 3 Background 1. Investigate the public views on
the influences to the children

2. Suggest ways to reduce negative impacts to children of this parenting style

3. Increase our understanding about this topic Academic Definitions on Monster Parents
1. Parents who pay extremely close attention to their children
( e.g. children's experiences and academic performances)

2. Irrationally complain about the school affairs Reasons for the emergence of the Monster Parents 1. Society

2. School

3. Family Different perspectives 1. Society a) Severe competition in the society

b) Declining birth rate Methodology 1. Questionnaire 2. Interview
a) a secondary school Liberal Studies teacher
b) mother 3. Literature Review 2. School 3. Parents
a) Too much emphasis on academic development

b) Reputation of the school

c) Education revolution Public Definitions on Monster Parents 1. Paying extremely close attention to their children

2. Taking care of them anytime

3. Helping children to plan and solve all the problems

4. Being self-centered

5. Paying attention to and always complaining about the school affairs No BIG Difference between academic and public definitions! Index 1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Definitions
4. Reasons for the phenomenon
5. Influences
6. Suggestions
7. Conclusions
8. Reflections
9. References 2. Positive influences What we expect: negative
From questionnaire,

From interview,
-->Both interviewees agree that there are positive and negative influence. 1. Overall influence of the Monster Parents on their children a) Having better academic results From interview,
By planning for their children comprehensively,
children can have a better academic performance and improvement than the average children. From questionnaire b) Having more learning opportunities 3. Negative influences a) Reduce children's ability on solving problems From interview,
1. Parents hope their children can have wider horizons and more fruitful experiences

2. Children under this parenting style are more versatile and have rather all-rounded development than other children. From Questionnaire From interview
1. Parents think that their own thoughts are absolutely right

2. Make all the decisions for their children
-->overprotected, lack of independent mindsets 3. Negative influences b) Affect children mentally From interview,
1. Children need to obey to their parents' demand
--> have a sense of pressure
--> have negative emotions and blaming on their own self, with a shrinking confidence

2. Parents' demands and expectation the children really want
--> children’s choices are exploited and neglected
--> their self-esteem deteriorates 3. Negative influences c) Lead to bad relationship with parents From interview,

1. Teenagers feel grown and desperate for a less control and more independent free life.

2. However, it is difficult for parents to change the relations
--> used to put too much control and attention on their children
--> result in constant conflicts and arguments. 3. Negative influences d) Lower the AQ(Adversity Quotient) of the children From interview,
1. Children lack the ability to resist the adversity when challenge comes
--> having low AQ From Literature review,
1. Monster parents monitor movements, behavior of their children and also treatment given by teachers Importance on reducing the negative influence From questionnaire,

Reason why it is important :
--> affect the development of children

Reason why it is NOT important
--> every parenting style have negative impacts
--> they are acceptable 1. Parents should hands-off Suggestions From interview,
1. The parents should listen to what their children really want and respect to their wills and preferences

2. They should also try their best to understand how their children feel and think. Suggestions 2. Teachers can communicate with parents From literature review,
1. Teachers should not accept all the unreasonable requests from the parents

2. They should not only care about the academic success of the students and do mention the other achievement of the children
. 3. Parents should listen to their children Suggestions From interview,

1. Adequate “hands-off”, freedom, is also necessary
--> allow children to encounter failures by themselves

--> the children are more willing to try different things

--> motivate them to have self-improvement and self-actualization Society School Parents Conclusion MONSTER PARENTS Reflection THE END Reference SELF-CENTERED!!! a) Nuclear Family

b) Compensation

c) Showing-off 1. Not to stereotype an object
2. Not to over-estimate our ability on doing research
3. Try to think in multi-perspectives
4. Operationalize our topic and concepts
5. Cooperation among group mates is essential From literature review,
There is no lack of example about academic success, e.g.:
Steinberg, Elmer, and Mounts found that all three aspects of authoritative parenting (acceptance, psychological autonomy, and behavioral control) were significantly associated with school success. From Literature review,
Parents value obedience and are willing to use physical force to keep their children under behavioral control.
Autonomy and self-assertion are strongly discouraged by authoritarian parents, as they think children should follow their words and advices. From Literature review,
The representative of the Society for Truth and Light pointed out that parents nowadays need to work and cannot spend much time on taking care of the children.
Less communication->conflict Video clips
1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=S03EIwepz9E
Kong Kids beinh impolite, Monster Parents complain to the schools
2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dFqibdBh8
Helicopter parents and monster parents

1. Parenting Style, Self-esteem, and Differences in the Attribution of Success and Failure, Shannon Chancellor

1. http://www.metrohk.com.hk/index.php?cmd=detail&id=158472
80% of parents emphasis on children’s academic results more than their health
2. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fl20120819rp.html
Monster parents make matter worse for their children and teachers
Monster parents have bad influences on the next generation
4. http://news.hk.msn.com/international/article.aspx?cp-documentid=250127399
Helicopter parents in England bring their children to universities
Monster parents bring their child to HKU
6. http://the-sun.on.cc/cnt/news/20111229/00661_001.html
Liberal Study Guide: The psychological perspective of consumers nurture of “Kong kids”
Monster parents + tiger moms= ‘’Kong kids”?
Exasperated teacher takes on Japan's 'monster parents' | CNN Travel
9. http://www.mylifetime.com.hk/2012/02/21/i-am-not-a-monster-parent/
“Helicopter Parents”? “Monster Parents”? “Free-Range Parenting?” – Part 2 – I Am Not a Monster Parent
10. http://www.healthyd.com/articles/family/monster-parents-and-hong-kong-kids
Monster parents vs ‘’Kong kids”
11. http://video.online.hk/watch/23980
Sunday Report “Come out from fairy tale”
12.http://tra.global.cnki.net.ezproxy.cityu.edu.hk/kns50/detail.aspx?QueryID=223&CurRec=12 From questionnaire,
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