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Homeschooling kids, persuading (hopefully)

Lucy B.

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Homeschooling

Subject suggestions: Fun Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Interviews 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Performance My performance is an important part of my education. With homeschooling, you can grade according to what you think is right. studying With me, come up with a study guide, and pay special attention to weak links in studying and tests. Intro Homeschooling is a part of the world that would benefit you and me. It allows me to experience school through a different way. Not only that, but I get to spend more time with my parents. Facts on Homeschooling Kelly Manley 1. What do you think is open to you and
your kids that wouldn't be open to them
if they went to a public school? Kelly Manley 1. What relationships did you and your kids make? Outside of school work and activities
When done with the material for the day, I will help around the house. Organizing Notebooks and supplies can be placed in a desk or drawer. Homeschooling compromising: Language Arts: Math Chores: Some ways that I think are good methods of cleaning are:
1. Assigning a room to clean over a time span.
2. Putting chores on sticks and drawing one to find out the "Chore of the day". House: To turn things in, decorate boxes that I can place my projects in after completion. Science Social Studies Fun If you don't believe that I'm performing well, you can plan a meeting, instead of nagging me to talk to my teacher. It is also easier for you to participate in getting my preformance up. I'm interested in broad topics. With my free time, let's come up with new ideas to work on things. give me a specific amount of time to do these things. Have them scattered throughout the day Problems and solutions Social Activity: Solution By talking with me frequently, bringing up pretend problems and having me fix them, or even getting together with other home schooled kids. I believe I will still have social activity. Vacations: Solution Teaching when not around Solution When you have to run around during a school day, I can go on websites that fit the period can such as khan academy. Plan your errands for certain periods. Work and meet at the same spot each day. Set things up the day before so that I can get ready right away. Additional Questions: Is it easier to care for pets with your kids around? Kelly: Question: Kelly: I will compromise in:
The time time I get up and school starts
How I act
my performance in school
Seemingly unfair decisions
What time school ends Home schooled kids do better on tests than public schooled kids: Home schooled kids have a high percentage in the eighties and public schooled kids are in the fifties. www.home-school.com Answer: Answer: 2. Did your kids create new passions while they were home schooled? Answer: 2. What made you decided to home school your kids? Answer: 73% of homeschooling parents say it is because of dissatisfaction with America's school system Homeschoolers graduate from collage with a higher rate than other, non-home schooled kids. Thanks for Watching! Reading Projects: Once in a while, lets design a project that I will present to you and/or another family member. Spelling: I can memorize spelling rules in interesting ways. For example: Memorize spelling rules to a song. Grammar: Make paragraphs with hidden mistakes in them, and have me find, identify, and correct the mistake. Math Problems: Come up with 'rewards' for me, something small for a certain amount of problems. Websites: The same day each week, I can go on certain websites to practice math. Um, Like and Uh: Um, like and uh is a game that we can use. Give me a scientific vocab word and have me give you the definition for memory..... without saying um, like or uh. Kelly: Kelly: Kelly: 1. Plan some time where we can get together and have school for a bit. Or 2. Make our school days longer before or after the vacation to fit in the material. A great year can come from homeschooling, and I hope next year is great, no matter what the choice. Any Questions? Homeschooling has worked with many kids, and I don't see why We can't do do it also. This presentation is giving you my side, and what I think. You will compromise in:
time consumption
(The rest is to be mentally filled in by you) Visual Reference: Come up with a visual thing for us during a unit that can or can not be interactive. We have deeper relationships. My kids can pursue certain things I felt called by God. My kids wanted to be home schooled. We had more time together. We could talk about what my kids were experiencing, and they started to help out around the house. Yes. One of them pursued baking, and the other exercised. Yes. They have chores that really help around the house. Do you ever assign homework? They have to get a certain amount of work done, and if they don't, then they finish it later. Do you ever have vacations that only apply to your family? Yes. We have the ability to take time off. What does your day normally go like? We figured out a schedule that worked for us all. Is there anything that you didn't like about homeschooling that worked out? I didn't have as much time to myself, but it worked out. Interviewer: Interviewed: Information: Lucy Kelly Kelly is a mom, who home schools her 2 kids, Zach and Zoe. If I am homeschooled, that means that I don't have that interaction with kids. Fighting We all get in fights some times, and by keeping are voices down, and not pushing it to much, I think we will be able to have a fight-free school. If we both disagree on something, things might start heating up, making the year well, not as fun. Solution: Music: Music is a big part of my life. I wish to learn a lot of instruments, which is one reason I want to be home schooled. If I am home schooled, I have more time to practice these instruments, and more time to fit in 30 minute lessons. For these reasons, I think homeschooling it an excellent option. As Kelly said in the interview: My kids can pursue certain things. Writing: I also love to write. With school and homework, I don't have as much time to write. With homeschooling, I can write in language Arts, or have some time set aside to write.
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