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An American Tragedy

No description

Jamila Whatley

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of An American Tragedy

Project by: Jamila Whatley
Period 5 An American Tragedy
By: Theodore Dreiser The Setting!
1920's Clyde Griffiths
(Our Main Character) Established a goal to better himself and grow in society. Book One of An American Tragedy! Introduces the family of Asa and Elvira Griffiths (Clyde's parents). Book Two of An American Tragedy! Introduces the family of Samuel Griffiths. Continuation of Book Two: The Murder ! Roberta gets pregnant! Book Three of An American Tragedy ! The trial for Clyde is long and hard. The 1920's has many names: The Roaring Twenties, The Jazz Age, The Dance Age, etc. Women gained the right to vote. Radios and cars were invented and became an important asset. Prohibition; the banning of alcohol in the U.S. Romantic and passionate about love. oldest son of a poor, highly religious minister and his wife. Has an eldest and younger sister and a younger brother. Disregards all moral values to get what he wants. They are poor, uneducated, and constantly ridiculed for their line of work as street ministers. The Actual Murder "An American Tragedy" was based on! Chester Gillette murdered Grace Brown, his pregnant girlfriend on July 11,1906. Chester took Grace on a boat ride on Big Moose Lake in Herkimer County, New York. He then knocked her over with a tennis racket and proceeded to let her drown. learn more: <A="http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/gillette-chester.htm"a> Clydes' wish for a better life leads him to get a job as a bellhop at a luxury hotel. With this job (and the hefty amount of money he now makes)he is finally welcomed into a social world full of dances, alcohol, and girls. One weekend Clyde and his fellow comrades are invited on a trip to the woods in a car whos owner is out of town. On the way back, the group runs over a young girl. In order to get away from the crime scene, they punch the gas. The car crashes and flips upside down. Only two people are badly injured while the rest flee the car and leave the injured stranded. Hortense Briggs becomes Clyde's first romance. Clyde's wealthy and high-class uncle. Clyde fled his home town to escape the consequences of the car accident. Samuel gives Clyde a job at the collar factory he owns. Gilbert, Samuel's son, takes a instant disliking to Clyde for an unclear reason and constantly expresses this emotion. Dreiser greatly expresses the fact that Clyde and Gilbert look very much alike. Clyde has a secret romance with Roberta Alden. While with Roberta, Clyde starts a relationship with the upper class Sondra Finchley. Clyde is finally being accepted into the upperclass as he has always wished to happen. The pregnancy is unexpected and happens around the same time Clyde is flourishing within the social crowd. Clyde's first reactions are to hide it and try to get an abortion, which doesn't go as planned. Seeing an article about a couple drowning , gives Clyde a wicked idea. Clyde takes Roberta on what she thinks is a romantic boat ride. Instead he "accidentally" tips the boat over and lets her drown while he swims to safety. The defense for Clyde has to make up lies to attempt to prove his innocence. The prosecution doesn't rest and Clyde is proven guilty! Clyde Griffiths dies by the electric chair.
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