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Guided Writing

for KPS

carmel stock

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Guided Writing

Guided Writing at KPS How are we catering for the class, groups and individuals in our writing programmes? Modelled writing is when the teacher writes so that the whole class or small group can see each of the words as they are written or can hear the teacher thinking aloud about the process of writing. Shared writing: Supported composition Shared writing is when the teacher acts as a scribe and students collaboratively compose a piece of writing. Guided writing: Participation is based on students’ independent writing. They are grouped according to particular needs to improve their writing. Writing Instruction ... small Looks like / Sounds like:
-small flexible groups.
-fast paced discussion, between 5- 20 minutes.
-flexible groups and depends upon an observed aspect or current needs of the group.
-often implemented after a whole-class / shared writing lesson. So how do I set up guided writing in my classroom? What do we already do ?
What evidence do we use to do this?
LA group discussion

K-1, 3-4, 5-7 Modelled Writing
Demonstration Independent Writing During independent writing and following an explicit small group teaching session, the teacher works with the students in short, focused teaching conferences or conversations. Use the I do, we do, you do! When introducing any new genre the first approach should be modelled, then shared, then guided (where necessary), then... finally independent writing. Benefits of Guided Writing -enables the teacher to tailor the teaching to the needs of the group.
-provides opportunity for the teacher to observe and respond to the needs of the group / individuals.
-provides opportunity for the teacher to challenge / extend more able students.
-encourages active and focused discussion about writing.
-develops students confidence ( all have similar issue in writing)
-teacher can give immediate feedback on success and ideas for improvement. After writing At the point of writing When can I use guided writing? Before writing -develop ideas
-review targets
-model planning
-develop sentence construction
-retell in sequence
- rehearse orally -to compose a paragraph and keep ideas linked.
-to reread a sentence for clarity and purpose.
-to use better vocabulary.
-choice of sentence structure, precision, cohesion (connectives, tense, time, person) -check work against criteria, edit, proofread
-review own goals or discuss new steps
-publishing Ask each teacher to bring 3 recent writing samples.
Let's look at some samples now!

Small groups
Post it notes...

WALT: identify learning intentions appropriate for students' learning needs!
Task: Decide upon 3 specific learning intentions / outcomes that each sample could have as a focus area for guided writing. View video:

Questions... Now what??? -By the end of week 4 work with 4 different guided writing groups. Be prepared to share:
What goal you set for the group?
What did you discuss?
How you felt the group worked with your support?
How did the rest of the class go during your writing time?
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