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Great Moments in Communication

A timeline describing the progress of communication over thousands of years.

Katherine Bishop

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Great Moments in Communication

Great moments in Communication By: Katie Bishop 45,000 BC Neanderthal man
carves a picture
on a woolly
mammoth tooth 3,500 BC Sumerians record
pictographs representing
words on clay tablets 105 AD Chinese make
paper from rags. 900 BC Chinese develop
postal system to deliver
written messages. 776 BC Homing pigeons carry
messages about the
Olympics for
Ancient Greeks 450 AD Chinese invent
printing by inking carved
wood blocks 900 AD Byzantine ship
captains use colored
flags to send signals
to one another
across the water. 1450 AD Johann Gutenberg
invents a printing
press using movable
metal type. 1609 AD Early newspapers
are published
in Germany. 1792 AD Mechanical
is invented
in France 1830's AD Ada Byron,
a mathematician,
writes the world’s first
computer program for
a computing machine
designed by Charles
Babbage, but
never built. 1837 AD Samuel Morse
invents a telegraph
that can send short
and long beeps, called
“dots” and “dashes.” 1866 AD First successful
transmissions over
a transatlantic cable 1876 AD Alexander Graham Bell
invents the telephone,
transmitting the sound
of the voice clearly over
electrical wires. 1877 AD Thomas Edison
invents the phonograph,
a device to record sound
on a wax cylinder. 1884 AD First long distance
phone calls are made. 1901 AD Gugliermo Marconi
sends the first radio
signal across the
Atlantic Ocean. 1924 AD Pictures are first
transmitted over
telephone lines. 1928 AD Very first few homes get
television sets to watch
broadcast programs. 1963 AD First communications
satellite is launched,
allowing worldwide
live broadcast of the
1964 Olympics. 1972 AD The first emoticon
is used in an
E-mail message. 1970 AD The Internet is
invented by the
U.S. government as
a means of military
communication. The first E-mail
messages are sent 1975 AD The personal
computer, both
small and powerful,
is invented. 1979 AD 1982 AD The first cell phones
are available for sale. 1990 AD Tim Berners-Lee
invents the World
Wide Web. 1993 AD Marc Andreeson
creates the first
browser program,
allowing people to
navigate the Web THE END!!!!
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