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First News Presentation

A Blog, a Quad and a Leap!

David Mitchell

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of First News Presentation

A Quad, a Blog and a Leap! Blogging QuadBlogging Blog the
Leap Year Impact

9% L5 to 60% L5 in 12 months

2010 Leavers made on average per child 6.6 points progress
(2 years) in 12 months
2011 Leavers made on average per child 6.0 points progress
(2 years) in 12 months
2012 Leavers made on average per child 6.0 points progress (2 years) in 12 months Changing a culture...

Acting Head Teacher

For every 1 pupil sent to me for positive things
10 pupils sent to me for negative things

Well Done Blog - www.welldone.heathfieldcps.net

Ratio now reversed!

http://bit.ly/yvHL4Y Letting go and let evolution happen.

Ownership was KEY! The beginning...

3 Schools helping 1 school The Power of Twitter...

4 classes became 20 classes in 7 days

20 classes became 3500 classes in 12 months
from 40 countries!! Stripped down blogging to its simplest form

Accessible by ANYONE ANYWHERE for 1 day only!

www.Feb29th.net Headlines:

300,000 hits before the site even went live!

12,000 posts

At one point for 40 minutes, 1 post every 2 seconds

110 countries visited Some examples:

Check out number 15 on this list of likes: There were 98 'Bucket Lists' posted... To this wonderfullly profound advice... A cry for help... And finally... The Stats:

400,000 hits

12,000 posts


4000 comments and counting "Ministers have ploughed millions of pounds into trying to solve the problem of boys' writing and reading standards, creating a "boys into books" scheme which introduced more fact-based books for boys to read in the classroom and a "reading champions" programme in which Premier League footballers spoke about their favourite books. Neither, though, seem to have had as big an effect as the opportunity to blog at Heathfield primary school."

Independent: 11/2/2011 Scoop.it collects QuadBlogging gold!

http://www.scoop.it/t/quadblogging In just one day...

400,000 hits
12,000 posts
130 countries Very one dimensional so added Voice through Audioboo

http://welldone.heathfieldcps.net More examples on:


Google Certified Teacher
LWF Innovator of the Year Award 2012
NAACE ICT Impact Award Winner 2011
Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award 2010
Toshiba ICT Redesign Award Winner 2010 David Mitchell www.DeputyMitchell.com "...Getting kids to blog is like getting over weight children to exercise by holding Strictly Come Dancing competitions: an intelligent and overdue harnessing of the pop culture that we can all we like but that remains the backbone of most people's non-working lives. Some stories make me really love he modern world and this is one of them. David Mitchell deserves a medal at the very least."

India Knight - Sunday Times: Feb 13th 2011 Pass The Blog 52 weeks... 52 classes

How far can one blog travel?

www.passtheblog.creativeblogs.net England France New Zealand Thailand Scotland Ireland Australia USA Canada Wales Switzerland QuadBlogging and Ofsted... Haworth Primary School Plus 5 other recent reports!
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