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Copy of Map of Ship Trap Island

by: Madison MacLachlan, for: S. Fewchuk

Nicholas Groff

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Map of Ship Trap Island

"Ship Trap Island"- Ye Olde Charts Volume 1
Rainsford hears rumors of a mysterious island, then falls overboard the ship.
Rainsford lands on a beach of jagged rocky crags. He falls asleep and then wakes up mid afternoon. He cant see any trails so he decides to walk along the shoreline in search of other people and food.
Along the way Rainsford discovers an area where the grass is padded down, stained the color crimson and a bullet is near by. He concludes that a fairly large animal had been shot there and that there must be a hunter on the island.
Rainsford continues along while following a trail of footprints. He stumbles over a fallen log and loose rocks.
After turning a corner in the trail, Rainsford comes across a castle. There, he is greeted by a large guard named Ivan and meets General Zaroff, an ex centric man that has taken to hunting humans. Rainsford immediately demands to leave the island and the General agrees under one condition: that he lasts at least three days on the island...while Zaroff hunts him down.
The chase begins!
After running a straight flight for hours trying to put distance between himself and Zaroff, Rainsford makes looping trails that double over each other again and again, imitating the fox he hunted before.
Rainsford climbs into a tree to rest for the night. Zaroff is so skilled at hunting that he managed to track his pray all the way to this spot. However, Zaroff toys with him and lets him get away.
As soon as Zaroff leaves, Rainsford runs away. He spots a dead tree leaning on a live one and build a Malay Mancatcher to trap his pursuer. He hides behind a fallen log nearby to watch the action but Zaroff escapes the trap narrowly then walks back to the castle to tend to his wounds.
Next Rainsford runs to Death Swamp and almost gets sucked up by quicksand. After pulling his foot out he backs away to build a Burmese Tiger Pit (a hole deep in the ground filled with spiky sticks and grass). He runs to hide behind a charred tree and witnesses one of Zaroff's best dogs fall in the pit. The hunter vows to return with the entire pack next.
Out of hope, Rainsford runs as far away from the swamp as he can and climbs a tree for safety.
Rainsford must climb down from the tree and tie his knife to a small sapling in order to save himself from the pack of dogs Ivan and Zaroff are leading across a waterway nearby. The knife kills Ivan but the dogs and Zaroff continue their pursuit.
Rainsford jumps over a cliff to escape the hounds and Zaroff. He plans to swim across the cove and back to the castle. Zaroff thinks he has won the chase and goes back to the castle for a good night's rest.
Zaroff is in his room preparing for sleep when he realizes that Rainsford is there with him. Zaroff says that one of them will sleep in the comfortable bed...the other will become the dogs breakfast.
Rainsford thought he had never had a more comfortable sleep.
Previous victim
Previous vitim
Zaroff's best dog
Zaroff's dog
General Zaroff
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