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Radio Advertising

No description

JD Franklin

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Radio Advertising

Disadvantages of Radio Advertising
- Magazine ads are easier to retrieve, while it is more difficult to retrieve radio ads.
- It is difficult to find a good spot in order to reach your target audience.
- Your ad has to be played more than once in order to make an impact.
Range of Costs
- The cost for a radio ad is usually between three hundred dollars and one thousand dollars.
Types of Cost
- Radio advertising costs consist of the production of the actual ad and the cost to play your ad on the air.
Thank you!
Benefits of Radio Advertising
- You are able to target your advertising to a specific multitude.
- Radio advertisements are less expensive and easier to produce.
- Radio ads can be made rapidly, unlike television ads.
- Unlike magazine ads, you do not have to wait for the copy to release.
Radio Advertising
DeMarco Holt and JD Franklin
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