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Persuasive Prezi

Presentation regarding music education in schools.

Jeremy Houser

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Prezi

Music Education in School Is it worth it? Stance: Music education in schools is a vital part of education and should not be removed from the curriculum. Opposition 1. A music education program is costly. It costs thousands of dollars to start a music program and even more to maintain it. 2. Having a music program requires the hiring of more teachers, thus increasing the financial burden on the school system. 3. Promoting a music education program is time consuming, and the program itself takes kids out of school for activities such as festivals and performances. Supporting Facts: it develops skills such as teamwork, creative thinking, imagination and study skills
pitch and rhythm develop child language skills
music has a value to the economy, as it creates jobs and stimulates related business sectors
music is shown to create brighter attitudes
music generally develops small muscle movement
the discipline of music helps students work effectively in a school enviroment
music provides an alternate form of activity as opposed to violence or video games
a strong music program can attract parents to a school system even if their child is not musical
the benifets of music are shown to well outweigh the costs
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