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Product/ Market Expansion Grid

No description

wa wa

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Product/ Market Expansion Grid

SWOT Analysis Comparison Grid Recommendation Low rate of customers
during daytime of weekdays Allow discounts during daytime of weekdays, to cover the high opperating costs 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Existing Suggest Transactions are done
inside the coffee shops,
Different take away
and deliver services
Group 5

Tang Ho Kwan, Toby (11012889)
Fung Koon Kwan, Harry (11016272)
Fung Wai Ting, Tiffany (11016167)
Yeung Yuen Lam, Selena (11015020)
Liu Chau Wa, Natalie (11000481)
Wong Tsz Kin, Lewis (10011390) Existing Suggest Hold various activities
( live vocal/ band )
Micro-marketing Sales during weekday
nights are poor
Market Product Analysis Introduction Blind Test Result Q1 Which one you prefer more ? Q3 Can you taste the difference between them?  Analyzing customers’ preference of the present product of Pacific Coffee.
Sample : Cappuccino from Pacific Coffee and Starbucks
20 responses
Most people prefer & often buy Starbucks Coffee
< 30% can distinguish the difference
not sensitive to the difference between two coffee shops
There is an opportunity for Pacific Coffee to put some effort on pulling and pushing more people to become their brand users and attracting them to re-involve in consuming their brand. Summary of blind test Founded: 1992 in Hong Kong
Inspired by : Culture of Seattle
Mission: “The Perfect Cup anywhere, anytime”
Pacific region, like Singapore, Macau, Malaysia etc (decided to expand to overseas)
Famous for: Muffins Background Blind Test Result Q2 Which one do you consume more? Product Development Market development Strategy Market development Strategy Delivery services provided for
coffee beans
Market development Strategy Market development Strategy Existing Suggest Large variety of food Focus on a type of food Blind Test Result ...small
croweded on weekends 1)Unity
2)Social responsibility
(organic & charity)
3)Fit consumer concern
(low-fat milk)
1) Weekdays sales
2) No significant product
3) Commercialized environment
4) Branding
5) Relatively few branches
Weaknesses Strength Opportunities 1) Delivery (coffee beans)
2) Media promotion (focus)
3) Rental revenue
4) Promote art & local culture

Threats 1) Increasing no. of competitors
(Mc café & Starbucks; other coffee shops &cafés)
2) Expense (price)
3) International downturn & inflation
(raw materials & increased cost)
word of mouth, long term quality
Feature story and press release on media
Market Penetrarion Strategy Why PROMOTION? *Inadequate(news letter)
*Be more trendy
(Technological Era)
*Target Y&Z generation
*Efficient to increase sales Why Discount? *Inflation
*Motivation to different classes
*Direct way to have high population flow Why not
Diversificcation & Product Development? Diversification
* Time Consuming
* Weak HK Art Culture
* Limited Space Product Development
* Chinese food culture
* Other Substitutes, like Subway Diversification Increasing sales of present products in existing market Selling new products to exisiting markets Developing new products and selling them in new markets Selling exisintg products to new markets Market Penetration 1 app
2 Breakfast, Brunch, Tea Set Market development Strategy
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