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hanjun kim

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of 120909영어프레젠테이션02

the Korean version of New Year's Day Seolnal Seolnal has been a widely celebrated holiday
since a long time ago. History There are many traditions
that are still kept today on Seolnal. Traditions Chalye and Sebae are two examples of
traditional rituals done on Seolnal Traditional Rituals and New Year's Eve Actually, two separate days are celebrated as New Year's Day in Korea. Solar January 1st (sinjung) Lunar January 1st (goojung) -very traditional
-first day of lunar calendar
-ancient generations kept this one -relatively new holiday
-first day of the solar calendar
-Jan. 1,2013
-newly constituted in the 1980's. Both share its meaning of sending the past year and welcoming a new one, wishing it full of happiness and wealth. but when we say 'Seollnal', we usually mean Lunar Jan.1 entertainment clothes food Thukgook :On Seolnal, eating Tteokguk is a unique Korean tradition. Having a bowl Titteokguk implies that “You are getting 1 year older!” It is made from rice cake, meat and water. Clothes : Seolbim food :Tteokguk Seolbim is the new clothes, socks, and shoes we wear in Seollnal. Specially, kids wear colorful clothing called Sackdongjugory. Entertainment games played during Seollnal for those dead: for those alive: chalye : Chalye is the mean of serving tea to ancestors. On Chalye table, you set fruit, alcohol, and other foods. sebae : If Chalye is the respect for the dead people, Sebae shows respect for the living ones. the end
thank you!!! Other foods we eat on Seolnal In Seolnal, many games are played.
They are the traditional games of Korea and each has different features. Yunnori is a very popular game, especially on Lunar New Year’s Day among traditional Korean holidays. On these days, Koreans play this game in hope to continue strong family ties. Yunnori Jegichagi is played especially by children. They make Jegi with a paper and coin or small rock which looks similar to a shuttlecock. The rule is simple and easy. So many people play it. Jegichagi Neolttwigi is a seesaw play and it is a girls’ game. Girls stand on the seesaw and play. There is a slightly bit different rule for this in comparison to the western one. It is believed that it started as a way to see over the family’s high garden wall because women in the past couldn’t go out from their house frequently. Neolttwigi Tuho was one of the popular games played between royal families and high class people. The rule is simple.
It is similar to the game of horseshoe, in which participants attempt to throw arrows into a pot or container. Tuho Sinseollo Yackwa Dasik Sanjuk
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