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Spring 2013 Orientation

No description

Nassim Ebrahimi

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Spring 2013 Orientation

Assessment of the Core Competencies: Communication and Technology Fluency 2012-2013
Subcommittee on
Learning Outcomes Assessment Associate Professor Beth Batturs-Martin (Nursing)
Dr. Nassim Ebrahimi (Learning Outcomes Assessment)
Dr. Ricka Fine (Planning, Research and Institutional Assessment)
Assistant Professor Ruimin Hu (Computer Technologies)
Assistant Professor Matt Klos (Art)
Dr. Susan Lamont (Biology)
Dr. Linda Martinak (Continuing and Professional Education)
Dr. Marjorie Rawhouser (Engineering)
Dr. Russell Rockefeller (History)
Assistant Professor Dawn Teeple (Nursing)
Assistant Professor Rebecca Tolley (Nursing) – Chair
Instructor Ian Wardenski (Music)
Associate Professor Brandy Whitlock (Library) 2012-2013
Subcommittee on
Learning Outcomes Assessment Goals:
Assist the Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment in enhanced institution-wide communication and professional development around learning outcomes assessment through contributions to the LOA newsletter, AACC inter/intranet sites and workshops
To advise and make recommendations for the assessments of the college-level core competencies (communication and technology fluency) in support of the 2012 LOA plan. www.aacc.edu/LOA Intranet -> LOA & Timeline Fall 2012
Review and select assessment tools & strategies
Spring 2013
Data collection & scoring
Fall 2013
Data collection & scoring
Spring 2014
Data collection, scoring, & final report Communication Identify random sample of students applying to graduate in Spring 2013
Review course schedules and curriculum map to identify ideal courses to collect student samples
Work with instructors to collect student works
Score student work at Summer Institute (May 21-22, 2013) Technology Fluency Identify all students applying to graduate in Spring 2013
Send electronic survey
Analyze responses Assessment Fellows
2012-2013 Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor Sybille Clayton
Dr. Jill Loukides
Associate Professor Marjorie Paoletti
Business, Computing & Technical Studies
Assistant Professor Leslie Parker-Blyther
Assistant Professor Robert Lowe
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Wyler
Center for Workforce Solutions
Ms. Veronica Townsend
Continuing & Professional Studies
Ms. Audra Butler
Dr. M. Linda Martinak
Health Professions, Wellness & Physical Education
Dr. Mary Jo Bondy
Assistant Professor Rebecca Tolley Assessment of the Core Competencies Kick-off Meeting
January 17, 2013, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
CRSC 219 www.aacc.edu/LOA & Intranet -> LOA
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