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US Congress

No description

Simeon Meine

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of US Congress

The US Congress
The US House of Representatives is the lower house of the US Congress.

It has 435 voting delegates apportioned to the US states based on the US Census

The US house buildings sit on the South side of the US Capitol,

The leader of the House is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. S/he is elected by the House, +
The House of Representatives
Congressional Support Agencies
The US Congress has created agencies that help its members

Congressional Budget Office (CBO),

Congressional Research Service (CRO),

General Accountability Office (GAO), and

The Technology Assessment Office (OTA).

The Library of Congress is the first support agency for Congress created in 1800
The US Senate is the upper house of the US Congress.

It has 100 representatives, called Senators,

They serve for a period of six years,

The leader of the Senate is the Vice President of the US, or the President of the Senate.
The Senate
How is legislation created in Congress?
1. Someone makes a draft of a law

2. The draft is sent to the US Congress

3. The bill (draft) is sent to a committee

4. The bill is sent to a subcommittee of the committee

5. The subcommittee debates, amendeds and votes

6. The bill goes back to the committee

7. The committee debates, amendeds and votes

8. The bill is sent to the US House or the Senate

8.5. The bill is sent to the opposite house

9. The Congress it originated from debates over the bill

10. The President signs it or vetoes it
Committees and Subcommittees
Congress: The Basics
Congress is the legislative body of the US federal government.

It is allotted for in Article 1 of the US Constitution.

has 535 voting members and 6 non-voting members.

has the sole power to declare war, print money, tax, etc.
Apotheosis of George Washington, US Capitol Dome
Old Senate Chambers, US Capitol Building
Chambers of the US House of Representatives, US Capitol Building
The US Congress Elections

This Presentation was created by Nino, Pablo and Simeon
Congress has committees in every house

These committees are dealing with several issues
In every committee there are subcommitees

Subcommittees are further dividing the areas of purview of a committee

First legislation is introduced to the Congress
It is assigned to a committee and passed on to a subcommittee

The subcommittee will allow the analysis before the legislation is going to vote

House of Representatives
What will Donald Trump be able to do?
He can select the judges of the supreme court

majority in the US Congress
able to enforce new laws

Wall to Mexico
approximately cost 25 billion $

The budget would never pass the US Congress

Ban muslims going to America
Supreme COURT

The system of checks and balances is no longer current
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