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Handling Complaints

No description

joy dycoco

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Handling Complaints

Handling Complaints
are integral in any relationship. They must not be seen as a threat rather, they are vehicles for improvement and transformation
Must be preferred design of your target community
Must be accessible to both parties
Simple and Concise
Train Staff on Proper Complaint Handling
sensitive to issues in contention
create a proper support group
Face to Face Interaction
Paper Forms
Phone Interaction
Internet Forms/e-mails
Create a process of tracking and sharing complaints
every complaint is important, but not all of them are relevant.
tracking complaints can point out the root of the problem.
a problem shared is a problem halved.
Do Not IGNORE Complaints
every complaints must be given due attention
complaints can contain insights to better customer satisfaction
Receive the Complaints w/ the Appropriate Response
this means:
(if written) Respond with a thank you and an apology
do not panic
calm the other party, but do not be patronizing, demeaning or dismissive
Identify Their Complainer Category
Generally averse to complaining
need to inquire deeper for them to reveal whats is wrong.
avoid being aggressive back and instead react with “What else may I help you with?”
High Roller
Your “enterprise” customer
pays well and demand premium support in return
hates hearing excuses
Chronic Complainer
will contact you a lot
Patience is required
once satisfied this customer will have no qualms about singing your praises to others.
The Barnacle
the “rip-off”
is never happy
isn’t really looking for a satisfactory response
keeps trying to get something they don’t deserve.
Everything is not good enough unless they’re getting a handout
maintain your composure and respond as objectively as possible.
Gather all Pertinent Facts
Drop the Formalities
Take all sides
Take everything with a grain of salt
Use Supportive Questioning

Analyze the gathered data and propose a solution
Make moves to right the wrong as soon as possible!
Analyze Facts
Don't leap straight to the "free gift" route
INSTEAD of solving the problem, it can lead to more complaints about the same thing because it hasn't been fixed

Think! who has authority to the solution.

Lead by Example
Transfering Politely
if the other party requests your superior
transfer them
if you do not have the authority to
grant compensation ask them if you may
call your boss and explain why
Be the support
explain the issues and the result
of your investigation
if you can, stay with your superior
so you can help
Learn from your Complaints
complaints are a gift
they can be a sign of opportunity
or a catalyst for change
Minimize Future Complaints
eliminate the fault
listen and cooperate with staff
re-train staff or re-strategize processes
Solving the Issues
find a solution
Give up a Lost Cause
quality service also means
giving up
Important for relationships to
severe as frictionless as possible
it can be more expensive to maintaining one customer compared to gaining five new quality clients



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