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District 287 Conference Center

Staff presentation

Kim Green

on 20 August 2010

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Transcript of District 287 Conference Center

Welcome to the District 287 Conference Center our mission is... The District 287 Conference Center is
an indirect innovative service that ... engages in a collaborative process,
both internally and externally to
share expertise, practices, and
solutions that promote consistent quality and value. Promotion and growth of the Conference Center is in alignment with the District's core value that states, "Responsiveness and innovation are key to thriving in a changing world." So many changes! Who comes FIRST?
YOU! Two thirds of Conference Center users are staff and member districts. Conference Center Request and Catering Form
May be found under the 287 Staff Tab>Administratrative Services Resources section> Conference Center. meeting time vs prep time? How many attendees? Room set? We have options!
(Thank you Jim and staff...) At your service.
State of the Art Technology. So will you be hungry? Meeting titles are helpful details, details...
what is your
budget code? This is Scott.
He came in 2nd. Created better
communication and reporting
with meeting room manager software. Developed a rental rate fee
structure for external groups. Created contracts for external groups in alignment with School Board policy and procedure. Enhanced the Conference Center with professional signage, decor, and added administrative office space. Hired
Myroslava! Standardized the Conference Center and Catering Request form. Be prepared. (actual food presentation
may be different than photo) HOW many attendees? And finally... The District 287 Conference Center is
a natural extension of one of
the school district's core values... when people with varying
perspectives collaborate, We need your information.
Please. You may have noticed we... And... Why does this matter to me? The remaining third
are paying customers. Now what do I do? Send to:
reservation@district287.org About a week before your event,
you will receive an email from
Myroslava or me, confirming your
room request and requirements. the impossible becomes possible. The Conference Center is the overall cost center for conference event management and for the PREP Center Projects. Conference Event Management
- Kim - Manager
-Myroslava - Clerical PREP Center Projects Coordination
- Cindy Stevenson- Coordinator
- Kris Peterson - Clerical

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