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Haile Middle School Engineering Jacob C


Jacob C

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Jacob C

Obstacle 1 Jacob Cole Prezi Portfolio My prezi portfolio buisness card hi hello OM NOM KMUHBYDXCTRDYFCTFRX UTYFXCTFVHSBEFKUYSDGHFLGZIODFBSLICUHXDKUFNASJ daijsbbd Work for the week of 11\5\12 This is a co2 shell car body. This took me three days to complete. The curves on the sides for from fillets. They will make my shell car go faster. Work for the week of 11/12/12 body eye screw spacer rear wheel front axle rear axle spacer GT wheel Skills Required: Mechanical Engineer Job description: Analyze the requirements, capabilities and functions of the product Skills needed: build firearms job description: will be testing the capability and durability of firearms CO2 Dragster Assembly This is the Rear wheel, It goes in the back of the Dragster. This is the front axle, it holds the front wheel in place. This is a washer, it help support the wheels. This is the rear spacer, this spaces the rear wheels apart. This is the front spacer, it spaces the front wheels. This is the front wheel, it goes in the front of the dragster. This is the rear axle, this holds the rear wheel in place. Describe what CNC manufacturing is, and how it is a benefit to the workforce? CNC manufacturing is a motor part producer and giver. It is beneficial because it is very effective because all people need to do is make the design on the computer. Then the CNC mill will create the object. The workforce will not need to do a lot of manual labor because the CNC mill is doing all the work. Prezi Post- 12-14-12 Prezi post- 1/22/12 The first successful principles for a rocket was a wooden bird. The bird used the action reaction principle. Chinese fireworks were an accident. They didn't know they were rockets. A water rocket has compressed gas to propel the rocket up. The water inside the rocket is stationary and accelerates to the velocity of the nozzle. 4. 1. Definitions. For the purposes of this safety code, a ‘Water Rocket’ is defined as any rocket whose thrust is generated by expansion of a compressed, non-combustible gas. An inert fluid such as water may be used for thrust augmentation.

2. Scope. This code applies to water rockets having a pressure chamber volume greater than 1200ml or a launch pressure exceeding 35 psi.

3. Materials. The pressure chamber of the rocket shall be constructed of thin, ductile plastic. Only lightweight, non-metal parts shall be used for the nose, body, and fins.

4. Compressed Gas Safety. A safe distance shall be maintained at all times between persons and pressurized water rockets or launchers. The recommended safe distance is as follows 5. Pressurization System. Compressed air tanks and gas cylinders shall be stored and transported in accordance with all applicable safety codes. Line fittings near the operator shall be rated by the manufactuer for use with compressed gas at the intended pressure.

6. Launcher. The launcher shall hold the rocket to within 30 degrees of vertical to ensure that it flies nearly straight up. It shall provide a stable support against wind and any triggering forces, and allow the rocket to be pressurized and depressurized from a safe distance. Launchers shall be constructed from materials rated for at least 3 times the intended launch pressure.

7. Launch Safety. I will use a countdown prior to launch to ensure that spectators are paying attention and are a safe distance away. If my rocket does not launch when triggered, I will not allow anyone to approach it until it has been depressurized.

8. Size. A water rocket whose mass (excluding water) exceeds 453 grams (1 lb) shall be considered a “Large Model Rocket” for the purpose of compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. 9. Flight Safety. Water rockets shall not be directed at targets, into clouds, or near airplanes. Flammable or explosive payloads shall not be carried.

10. Launch Site. Water rockets shall be launched outdoors, in an open area at least 100 feet on a side (for rockets with using a launch pressure of 60 psi or less), or 500 feet on a side (for rockets using higher pressure).

11. Recovery System. A recovery system such as a streamer, parachute, or tumble recovery shall be used, with the intent to return it safely to earth without damage.

12. Recovery Safety. Recovery shall not be attempted from power lines, tall trees, or other dangerous places. 2. 1. 3. Anything less then half full. You can decide. 5. For a 2 liter you can put as much as 170 psi before it ruptures. 6. Make sure everything is equally spaced and alined. Have a long front end so it can take the pressure. Load Fraction is the fraction of the rocket motor volume that is filled with water 7. 8. The best place for a fin is as far back as possible. Smaller fins improve performance. The best fin shape is a rectangle shape because the air goes past it easier. 9. Konstantin T. , Robert G. Hermann O. all invented the first rocket. This is the fin I am using to make my water rocket with. Prezi Post 2-19-13 I didn't know anything about tech until I walked in this room. The first day I walked in the room I learned about balance. We made a wheel barrel from toothpicks, paper and tape. When we started using solid works I was clue less. I had to stop the tutorial every ten seconds. Now I stop it every minute. I did know a little bit about Corel draw, because in sixth grade I made an air rocket and I made the wings in Corel draw. But I think the hardest thing that we did this year was the water tower. Its really hard making sure there is no leaks. The funnest project that i made this year was the water rocket. But all in all, I have learned a lot in tech this year. my goal for project 3 By Friday I want to finish the spring My goals were met, I finished the spring My next goal is to finish the assembly. This is the spring Finished Spring This is my finished spring, It took me about a week to make. Spring Vocab Compression- Stress characterized by pressing together Dead Load- The weight of the structure itself, independent of traffic or the environment, which must be supported by the structure. Compare to live load Deflection- The perpendicular distance a beam bends from straight due to load and span. Force- External influence on an object which tends to produce a change in its shape or causes movement Live load- The dynamic or moving weight, such as traffic, carried by a structure. Compare to dead load. Moment- The tendency of a force to cause a rotating motion Shear- Stress placed transversely on a member in opposite directions. Tension- Stress characterized by pulling apart. Stress- The resistance of an object through an external force Strain- The deformation of an object caused by a force acting upon it Abutment- Part of a structure that supports the span or thrust of a structure. my bridge It weighed 5.76 lb and held 68 lbs. the problem was that the sides were unstable. it would make a difference if we put more support in it. Prezi Post 5-24-13 The good thing about our robot is that the arm is pretty good. The bad thing is that we can't get our wheels to stay tight.
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