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Social ethical issues in advertisement

No description

Mads Emil Dalsgaard

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Social ethical issues in advertisement

Jordin Roth
Mads Dalsgaard Social ethical issues
in advertisement
Advertising is an important element in maintaining or increasing market share and vital to the introduction of a new product or the improvement of an existing one. Advertising To fulfill this important task advertising must enjoy a high level of consumer trust and confidence;
Must be legal, decent, honest and truthful.
In reality, a number of studies have found that consumers feel most advertising insults their intelligence and that many ads are poor in taste There are different ways a company can advertise using ethics
Explicit messages associated with a brand
Ex: Cult Shaker
Shock advertisements
Positive messages associated with a brand
Ex: Dove Promoting Worthy Causes vs. Shock Advertising Cult Shaker Negative Response Cons Build awareness
Catches attention
Drive sales
Positive reaction in target group
Caught free media attention (on a large scale) Pros Cult Shaker
Advertisements Does the opposite
Associates their brand and brand image with a socially ethical message Dove Cons Positive brand association
Effective in their target audience
Brand using real women made them more credible Pros Dove Campaign Advertisements Campaign for Real Beauty Negative general perception of brand
Harmful to brand image
Can be seen as ‘ethically wrong’ Very explicit campaign for alcoholic energy drink
Uses shock advertising (nudity)
Was displayed in public places like bus stops and billboards
Included a competition where the first prize was a gift card for breast enhancing surgery Uproar in public and media
Had to change gift card ? . Expensive
Difficult to differentiate against competition
can be viewed as a "phony" Male Vs. Female attitudes I like ads with sexual themes. Ads with sexual themes make me look at them. Ads with sexual themes are demeaning to women. Ads with sexual themes are a sign of general deterioration of moral and social values Conclusion There is no exact right or wrong
The right strategy is based on target market
Choose a job where you can get behind the advertisement you make
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