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ke like

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of TREY SONGZ

TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON 28 years old :When Songz was 7 years old, his mother, April Tucker, married a member of the U.S. Army.
:The young Songz spent the next seven years traveling around the country, as his stepfather was stationed to different military bases.
:The family returned to Petersburg when Songz was 14 years old, and he began his freshman year at Petersburg High School soon after.
:"When I came back, that's when I really found out who I was," the singer once recalled. "Those were the years I basically found Trey Songz. I didn't really get into singing until I came back."
:Although Songz's family did not have extra money to spend on music lessons, the radio was constantly playing at home and in the car. :2003,Trey Songz signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, receiving a $100,000 advance.
:Released his first album, I Gotta Make It. 2 years later
:Always devoted to his family, trey used his newfound wealth to fulfill a childhood promise to buy his mother a new home.
:When trey saw the house he ran up and down the stairs like a little kid because he had never had a house.
:Some of the accomplishments that trey did was he finished making all the songs that he was go to make. The way we know trey songz is he is a famous person who sing good songs and most of the people listen to what he sing its good songs. He also look good so you kids my age look at him when he sing then he take off his shirt and you see him body OMG now u talking bout a boy that look good that's the one u need to go to lol. I think that trey songz is a good person and I think that everyone should listen to what he sing because he can sing and he look good. But the things he did when he was young was good and how he helped his mother get a house when he got his money was something any other boy would not have done for there mother because they think that they are to good to do something like that and like his mother said "It's funny, but the only man in my life who has actually done what he said he was gonna do is the one I raised."and that's true because some people out in this world say they are going to do something for u then when u ask for it they never do it our have it so I think the one that u should depend on is your son BUT sometimes that don't even happen and sometime they don't go through on what they say. Trey songz in still making songs and doing what he have to do to make his money looking good and going on tour he be on TV and still helping his mama with the stuff she need help with I think that he is going on the right track with his life with what he doing. Trey still going on having fun and still dont have kids but I think that need kids to finished off his good life I dont think that he has a girlfriend but any girl should like to have a man like him and start off a family with him. So trey songz is a good looking man LOL......... Did you no that this man could sing well he can and good he look good and has a body so if u want a man like him tell him tell your man that he has to try harder to be like him lol... "The people who support me and my dreams make me feel like I'm on top of the world." this is something that trey said and I kind of think if that was me yes I would feel the same way if I was famous and people supported me. hope u loved it :) Trey Songz
By:Ke'Lazia Lytle
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