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PFLEX Project

Amy Coronado

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Comedy

Comedy Comedians Stand Up Improv What it Takes Basics of a Stand Up Routine By: Amy Coronado SOURCES What People Think Is Funny What is improv?
Baisically improv is just what it sounds like, no script no prompt just you.
Improv stands for improvosion, which means you make everything up on the spot. A good example:
A really good exaple of this is Fred, the youtube sensation. He is very good at what he does because he is so spontaniosly hilarios. To be good:
To be good at improv you have to have a naturaly funny personality. Almost anyone can "do" comedy, but it takes someone with quite a talent to be really funny when doing improv. I bet we can all name someone in this room who would be best at this type of comedy. *COUGH-Harmon-COUGH* Fred Picture: http://lucascruikshankfans.wetpaint.com/page/Lucas+aka+Fred+Pictures
Basic Info:
Comedian Picture: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://laverne.edu/campustimes/102607/102607_images/comedians.jpg&imgrefurl=http://laverne.edu/campustimes/102607/life_stories/comedy.htm&usg=__fTWc-YBMfabtY3ehzgscOIRuikY=&h=529&w=300&sz=176&hl=en&start=13&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=ASEbR5g4slcxCM:&tbnh=132&tbnw=75&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dcomedians%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us%26tbs%3Disch:1
For most of my common knoledge of comedy : Comedy Central (it's a Telivision Channel)
Mask Picture: http://qtrax.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/comedy.jpg
Stand Up Picture: http://drbristol.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/stand-up-comedy1.jpg
If They Laugh... Picture: http://www.suzannedefoeday.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/comedy_writer_title2.gif
Notes Picture: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/images/notepad.gif
Banna Slip Peel Picture: http://www.thecolor.com/images/Comedy.gif
Comedy Central Graphic: http://www.redhousepro.com/RHP%20images/249px-Comedy_Central_logo.svg.png
The Videos: www.youtube.com (videoed by Amy Coronado)

These are the so called "funny people".
Over the years, like many things, this definition has become looser and looser to the point that the comedians sometimes don't even write their own material any more. Though, thankfully, this is not often the case.
The comedians are the face of the routine, the are the people who make us laugh so hard we cry and make us feel happy.
You need to be able to take a hit and must have a pretty big ego. It's one thing to make your buddies laugh at a party but you have to be virtually Jim Carrey kind of crazy to be able to do it on stage in front of a bunch of strangers.
There are many different types of humor to choose from, but it's a hard life and sometimes you can really hurt someone's feelings on that stage. So if you're going to attempt it, bravo, but just know it's not all fun and jokes, it's like skydiving with a fualty parachute down a gorge, you really hope you din't hit the side, but it will probably happen anyway. What is Stand Up?
"Stand Up" is a form of comedy where the comedian is onstage and just baisically starts with one funny sentence and then lets thier personality take over from there. Examples:
I've heard routines start with sentences like, "Let's just get the obvios out of the way, I'm fat." and I ended up laughing so hard I cried. Some more info:
This is a tough buisness to get into, but it is definetly easier then improv, as long as you have a good subject sentence. To be good:
To be good at this you have to be funny when thinking on your feet, creative, and original. People definetly don't want to see the same old, "What's up with airline food?" routine all the time, that gets really old. You must have nerves of steel and you have to be practically insane. Also, really good comedians usually can do a routine that includes really hilarios bits of irony. How to Make A Routine Stand Up:
Start with a good strong intial joke, then make sure you have atleast some outline of elaboration for that joke.
Make sure you read it out to someone for a second opinion though, because what is funny to you may be funny to you may not be funny to someone else. Improv:
There is really no planning or very little involved in improv, you baisically just go up there and be funny. To Begin:
You need a good start joke and you need to be able to think on your feet. Planning:
There must be some planning involved, but the amount all depends on your level of sponteneuity.
Since you're live and there are no re-takes, you need to be prepared that not all your jokes will make everyone laugh. Honestly, you really just need to be funny
Some comedians aren't even colledge grads.
It's not easy though, most comedians struggle with their career and never get their big break. But, if you're funny and lucky enough, you might just be the next Sarah Silverman or Ron White. Depends on:
general condition of the area you're in. For Example:
when you're doing a routine in Austin, you do NOT want to make any kind of joke that implies that UT is stupid, trust me, that would be BAD. Now Go Out Into The World And Be FUNNY!!!
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