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Copy of Sewing Safety Rules and Procedures

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gina quintero

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Sewing Safety Rules and Procedures

Sewing Safety Procedures
1. All sewing equipment items used during class should be replaced in appropriate storage trays.
To ensure a fun, productive, and safe sewing class!!
2. Turn off all electrical equipment in the event of a power shortage or fire drill.
3. Do not sit upon sewing machine cabinets.

4. Only one person is to be seated at the sewing machine.

5. Operate sewing machines according to instructions.
6. Turn off the power switch before changing the needle, presser foot, throat plate, and when leaving the machine unattended.
7. Keep hands and sharp objects away from presser foot when operating.
8. Keep blades of shears and scissors closed when they are not in use.

9. Students should walk with scissors carried with palms enclosing the blades and points of scissors down.
10. Do not put pins in your mouth, fingers, or clothing you are wearing.

11. Pins and needles should be kept in pin cushions.

12. Place pins perpendicular to the seam line for easy removal. Do not sew over pins.
13. Do not lean too closely over the machine, in case the needle breaks.

14. Stitch slowly when learning to use the machine and for accuracy.
23. Stay in assigned area of work during sewing lab.

24. Talk quietly in your work area, so that the teacher can assist other students easily.

25. Clean work area before leaving the room. (fabric scraps, pins, sewing equipment, chairs, etc.)
26. After work area is cleaned, return to your seat, and wait to be dismissed.

27. Keep tote trays on table, not on floor.
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