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Maddie Love

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Summary

"Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp"
"Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp"
Lessons Learned
What lessons were learned?
Late Majority
There was a boy named Aladdin who lived in China. One day Aladdin was playing in the street and a man approched him who claimed to be his uncle. Aladdin's "uncle" tricked him into going into a cave and stealing the magic lamp. Suddenly Aladdin was trapped underground and rubbed the lamp. The genie appeared and granted his every wish. Soon, Aladdin was caught up in the wonder of the magical lamp and made poor wished, like wishing the princesses husband to be banished from the castle. Aladdin swept in to win the princesses heart and wished for a huge castle. The "uncle" found Aladdin and was jealous, he stole the lamp and Aladdin soon had nothing and lost the princess. After many hardships and lessons the lamp was returned, as well as the castle and all of his riches. Aladdin learned a valuable lesson and him and the princess lived happily ever after. The End.

The people valued family. Even though Aladdin made bad wishes, he did it for his mother and his love for the princess.
In this movie, Aladdin tries to win the princesses heart by impressing her with his magic carpet.

Many lessons were learned in the tale of Aladdin. There was one main lesson that took the moral of the story. The lesson was, be careful what wish for. Many examples of this are in the story. "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp." When Aladdin discovers his new powerful lamp, he gets greedy and wishes very selfishly. "The sultan, as thou knowest, has broken his promise to me, and the vizier's son is to have the princess. My command is that tonight you bring hither the bride and the bridegroom. Master, I obey, said the genie." Then at midnight, the genie transported the bed that had the viziers son and the princess. In the end of the story, Aladdin learned his lesson and fixed his mistakes, and become aware of his actions and wishes.

What was valued by the people?
They also valued power.
- They all respected the kings power and liked him.
-Aladdin was caught up in the power of the lamp.
Wealth was also valued greatly.
-Aladdin wished for jewls and gems that would make him rich.
-Everybody wanted more than what they had
"1000 Arabian Nights"
Aladdin the book
Now For The Movie!!!
"Aladdin Walt Disney"
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