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Roman Coins

No description

Harry PJ

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Roman Coins

Roman Coins
Roman coinage
A coin
Romans had a very different coinage system to the one that we have today. For a start, the components in the coin were worth the same amount as you could buy with the coin. E.g. a £20 note is probably only costs the bank 2 to 3 pence to make, however, if you melted down a Roman gold coin, you could sell it for the same amount as the coin could buy (so if you melted a denarii into gold it would be worth 1 denrii)
This says Licinius. He was emporor. This coin was made in 313 ad
This says 'ubique victores'
which means 'everywhere victories'
Licinius I
Name: Gaius Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus
Reign: 11 November 308 – 311 ad
Born: 263/265 ad
Died: 325 ad
Succesor: Constantine I

Thank you for listening!

Any questions?
The tail
It appears to be a man with a spear, and two people praying/crying in the back ground
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