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Hannah Epperson

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of ROSA LUXEMBURG

rebellious roots
in school
Marxism and "the masculine business of politics"
Political and Romantic Partner
Teenage Rebel
Leo Jogiches
To Germany
Opposites attract

Romantic partnership, thousands of letters

Political partnership and friendship endured

Led investigation into Rosa's death

Murdered several months later
Immigrates to Germany in 1898,
obtains citizenship through marriage

Success "agitating" Polish miners
and metal-workers

Ideological divide among socialists
in Germany

March 5, 1871 - January 15, 1919
Red Rosa Executed
Russian Revolution and Anti-War Activism
Years of Imprisonment
Rosa Luxemburg executed at age 47

Body is thrown into the canal


Political theorist

Marxist revolutionary

Anti-war activist

Founder of the German Communist Party

Leader of a socialist uprising
1905: Imprisoned in Warsaw for holding meetings and publishing paper during Russian Revolution

Imprisoned again in Germany for speaking at a public meeting about ideas solidified during the Revolution

1914: Imprisoned again for inciting soldiers to mutiny

Imprisoned during much of WWI
Flees to Zurich
Studies at university
Develops political ideals
Your letters contain nothing but nothing except for news of The Workers’ Cause. Say something nice to me!
If they expect us to murder our French or other foreign brothers, then let us tell them, ‘No, under no circumstances.’
Liberty, Divisions, and the Beginning of the End
The Spartacus League
The Socialist Party of Germany supports the German war effort.

Rosa and others found opposition faction within the party.

Rosa released from prison by German revolution at the end of the war.

Worked with Karl Liebknecht to start "Spartacist Revolution"

In public championed the revolution, though in private she held doubts

Threw her support into the Communist Party of Germany and Spartacist Revolt
The indefensibility of the whole thing impinges on my consciousness every day, every hour, more painfully and sharply; this conviction just won’t leave me alone, and I don’t know how I can survive it. Or more correctly, how the party will survive it.
Liberty only for supporters of the government, only for members of one party, however numerous they may be, is no liberty.
Liberty is always for those who think differently.

Not for the sake of a fetish for ‘justice,’ but because everything enlivening, healing and cleansing in political liberty depends on this quality, and its effectiveness fails when ‘liberty’ becomes a privilege.
The Failed Revolution
The Spartacist Uprising
Order reigns in Berlin! You stupid lackeys! Your ‘order’ is built on sand. The revolution will raise itself again with clashes, and to your horror it will proclaim with the sound of trumpets: ‘I was, I am, I shall be.’
LLL Marches, Memorials
by Kathe Kollwitz
In Memory of Karl Liebknecht
Now Red Rosa is also gone,
Where she lies is quite unknown.
Because she told the poor the truth,
The rich have hunted her down.
Uprising quickly crushed

Liebknecht and Luxemburg captured by members of the Freikorps
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