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The Pollution

No description

Marcos Díaz

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of The Pollution

Different classes of the pollution
The pollution can happen in the ground, in the land and in the air. Can divide in classes according to the agents of pullant:

Air pollution:
product of the emissions of the toxic gases for the atmosphere and carbon dioxide.
Water pollution:
presented for the waste of the water like the discharges of the industries and waste water.
Land pollution:
product of the waste of the land because the activities agricultural and livestock.

Eilyn Alvarado

A problem of all
The pollution is a problem that affect all the environment, for that reason all of us need to work to stop pollution and save the Earth
Noise pollution:
presented of high decibel of some determinate place.
Radioactive pollution:
dispersion of the radioactive materials.
Chemical pollution:
one chemical composed is introduced for the environment.
Thermal pollution:
fluid emission to high temperature.
Electromagnetic pollution: spectrum radiation of electromagnetic that affect the people.
Microbiological pollution:
produced by the micro-organisms like the manipulation of the food.

Eilyn Alvarado
The global warm
The global warm is the lose to
The Pollution
Oscar Vasquez
Gabriela Morales
Eilyn Alvarado
Marcos Díaz
The Pollution

What is the pollution?
The pollution is called to the presence in the environment of any chemical agent, physical agent or biological.

This degradation of the environment for one external pollutant can cause damage in the life daily and alter the condition of survival in the flora and fauna.

Eilyn Alvarado

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