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Searching for Standards, Codes, & Regulations in Engineering

FACC 400 lecture

Giovanna Badia

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Searching for Standards, Codes, & Regulations in Engineering

Some Producers:



CSA Group



Describe procedures for making, measuring and testing materials and products

Created by a consenus of stakeholders

Produced by different organizations around the word

Can be as short as one-page long

Concentrate on very specific topics
Activity: Find
1) a recent specification standard about forging stainless steel nuts

2) standard about testing silicone fluids to make transformers used for electrical insulation

3) standard about face protectors for hockey players
Laws or regulations

Issued by governments or, in the case of regulations, can also be issued by organizations
Giovanna Badia
Liaison Librarian
Schulich Library of Science & Engineering, room 207
giovanna.badia@mcgill.ca 514-398-7340

ASTM D4447-10
Standard Guide for Disposal of Laboratory Chemicals and Samples

ASTM F717-10
Standard Specification for
Football Helmets

Searching for Standards, Codes, & Regulations in Engineering
Where can you find codes?

a) Library catalogue
b) Books
c) Journals
d) Government websites

Code of ethics of engineers (Quebec)
Activity: Find
1) Quebec act requiring mining industries to report revenue gained from their exploration & development projects

2) Quebec acts of law that apply to your profession
Some Advocates:

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

International Labour Organization

How many people die each year from work-related accidents and diseases?

a) 37
b) 6,300
c) 2.3 million
d) 317 million

"Yet many of these tragedies are preventable through the implementation of sound prevention, reporting and inspection practices." (
from the International Labour Organization website, 2016
OHS regulations & standards
Activity: Find
What are Quebec's regulations for transporting liquefied petroleum gases, such as Butane, Propane, and Propylene?
Any questions?
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