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Apoctylptic Game Prezi: Bioshock

A look at the world of Bioshock

John Whitfield

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Apoctylptic Game Prezi: Bioshock

Apocalyptic Game Presentation:Bioshock

By: John Whitfield Bioshock's Story Genre and Narrative Bioshock is a first-person action-adventure game in which you control the character Jack as you explore they dystopian underworld paradise of rapture. Players can use Plasmids and Tonics to upgrade jack and give him special powers. Players may also play a Pipe-Mania style game in order to hack turrets, vending machines, safes, and door locks to be used towards the players advantage. Players can obtain Plasmids by gathering Eve. To do this players must harvest of rescue little sisters, which of course entails that their guardians, "Big Daddies" are defeated. Frank Fontaine was a big time smuggler in Rapture Post-Civil war.He served as Ryan's main opposition before he was supposedly killed... Atlas serves as Jack's helpful guide through Bioshock, but he has an important secret.... Dr.Brigid Tennenbaum was the scientist who helped develop a method for creating Adam. She also serves as the caretaker of the "Little Sisters". Andrew Ryan was the mastermind behind Rapture, which he meant to be a city where a man would be entitled to only the sweat of his brow. He serves as the game's main antagonist. Central Characters Central Themes Political Themes Religion Choice
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