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Lesson 6. Fried Rice from Around the world

No description

Eunju B

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Lesson 6. Fried Rice from Around the world

Wowwww~looks Yummy
Kimchi Bokkeumbap
1. Heat the pan with oil and add kimchi.
2. Add two bowls of rice.
3. Put gochujang in.
4. Mix everything in the pan.
현재완료: 과거부터 현재까지
have+ pp

I enjoyed kimchi bokkeumbap when I was very young. I still enjoy it.
-> I
have enjoyed
kimchi bokkeumbap since I was young.

1. They began to live in Busan five years ago. They live in Busan now.
-> They
have lived
in Busan for five year.

2. Mr.Smith started to teach in our school last year. He still teaches in our school.
-> Mr.Smith
has taught
in our school since last year.
Fried Rice from around the world
Students from four different countries have a special food day. Here we have fried rice from around the world.
1. chao fan
Come and try our dish! It looks a little dark. Do you want to know why? Yes, it's because it includes Chinese soy sauce. It makes all food taste delicious. This is one of the most popular dishes in all of China. We like it very much.
2. Khao Phat
This is a Thai-style fried rice dish. We hope you enjoy the special taste! In Thailand, there are many different spices. In this dish, we used special jasmine rice. We also put chili sauce in it to make it spicy. How do you like it?
4. Kimchi bokkeumbap
Lesson 6. Fried Rice from Around the world
3. jollof rice
Welcome everyone! Have you heard of jollof rice? It is African-style fried rice. It is very popular in most West African countries. Jollof rice has a variety of vegetable sauces in it. Tomato sauce is especially important to this dish. I hope you all enjoy its African taste!
Ours is kimchi fried rice, kimchi bokkeumbap. Kimchi is one of the most famous Korean foods. When it is mixed wth other foods, it makes the dish sweet and hot. I have enjoyed kimchi bokkeumbap since I was very young, and I like cooking it. Enjoy it, but be careful-it may be very spicy!

You need:
Kimchi, rice, oil, gochujang

How to cook:
1. Heat the pan with oil and add kimchi.
2. Add two bowls of rice and mix.
3. Put gochujang it.
4.Mix everything well.
1. What is the name of Chinese fried rice?


2. What is especially important to jollif rice?

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