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Cretsinger ,Schmidt rain forest

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Cretsinger ,Schmidt rain forest

rain forest what you can do to keep are rain forest welcome to your trip through the rain forest the weather in the rain forest is hot about 93 degrees in the day time and at night it is about 68 degree.and it rains about 400 cm or 157 inches a year. weather There is a wide verity of plants there are millions to talk about so we are going to pick a few to talk. here are the ones we are talking about raffelsa,vines,pitcher plants,canopy tree,. so the cool thing about the the raffelsa plant is they are the biggest plants in the world they weigh about 25 pounds average and the grow 3 feet tall. pitcher plants are the one most people are scared of. the are the one when you crawl in or stick your hand in it will bite it right off just kidding it only eats insects. vines there is lots of vines and there are million of types of vines you can never know anything on vines. canopy trees that a taller then all the other trees. PLANTS there are lots of animals but we are going to zoom in a four pacific animals. armadillos are one of the coolest animals because of there hard shell. and that makes it hard to eat them some even live up to 10 years.pison dart frogs have poison on there skin to protect them self from predeters . jaguars are of of the biggest predeters every animal has herd of the jaguars and they now not to play with them or they will get eaten. monkies everyone nows what monkies are and there a lot of them they are every where but they are really cool. animals now we need your help to save the millions and millions of acers of rain forest by reycling paper because the more you do the less trees we have to cut down so help save the rain forest so many more people can see the natrule wonders of the rain forest.
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