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The Best Of The Muppets

If you like muppets watch this prezi. It's all my favorite Muppet Videos.

Aaron Swartz

on 20 May 2012

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Transcript of The Best Of The Muppets

The Best Of The Muppets
BohemionRhapsody Muppets
Beakers Ode To Joy
Swedish Chef Carven Der Pumpken
Muppet Labs Ghost Hunt
Swedish Chef Chocolate Moose
Chickee In The Baskee
Bomb Eggs
Ping Pong Ball Eggs
Ringing The Bells
Thanks 4 Watching ;)
Beakers Balad
Muppet Labs Gorrilla Detector
Muppet Labs Teleporter
Electric Sledgehammer
Electric Nosewarmer
The Muppet Phone
The Muppet Phone
Gonzo's Great Motorcycle Act
The Great Gonzo Hypnotizes Himself
Gonzo Eats a Tire (or Gonzo's epic fail)
Mahna Mahna
The Muppet Newsman
Swedish Chef Hot Sauce
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