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No description

Sophia Wang

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of GIVE ME LOVE-Ed Sheeran

-Ed Sheeran

What are the lyrics about?
The lyrics in
Give Me Love
is about a man who is in love with someone, but she doesn't feel the same way about him. He wants to have the same love as his previous girlfriend when he says "give me love like hers," and "I will fight my corner," describes how determined he is. "Blood is drowning in alcohol" means that he is drinking a lot to relieve all the pain.
If the roles were reversed, I would hope to tell others that your not alone in this situation. Many people around you could also be stuggling the same way as you are. They may be hoping to be loved by someone just like you. For those who haven't expericenced it yet, this is what it feels like, all the pain and determination it takes.
Why might of Ed Sheeran chose to write a song about love? What may of happened during his life that had influenced him?
Ed Sheeran might of chose to write about love because of his past. He might just broken up, or had witnessed one and decided to write a song about it. He could of been talking about his ex, which may have been his first love.
Who is the artist of Give Me Love?
Ed Sheeran was the artist, and he wrote and also performed this song.
This song appeals to me because of its slow tempo, and how each lyric of the song has a meaning. The lyrics are so precise and he clearly sang out the story of the song. At the end when he starts screaming into the microphone "love me! And, give me love!" he shows how desperate he is.
Give Me Love
influenced my life because it tells me about how badly some people want love. It shares with me what some people might be thinking or going through today. Ed Sheeran's songs make listeners think and ponder what the message is within each lyric of the song.
Is there a message the artist is trying to communicate?
I don't think Ed Sheeran was trying to share a message or something, I think the song was just describing a common situation. Or Ed Sheeran might be just singing about what he is going through, then he could be trying to tell the girl he really liked how he feels right now.
Steady beat throughout the whole song, and is very strong as well.
Fairly slow tempo through the song.
Mostly long notes some short notes.
Very few rests, and many repeated patterns, or lots of ostinato.
Mostly low pitches and has a downward movement. The contour is wavy, and the song sounds like a minor key.
The voice singing
Give Me Love
is Ed Sheeran, and uses an adult-male-low voice.
He uses mainly a guitar for this song
Expressive Controls
The song is mostly mezzo piano but there are some parts that is piano and also forte.
A slow tempo, and I think its largo.
Smooth legato, tenuto notes.
Give Me Love I think is homophonic, there are few resting places, has repeated melodic patterns(ostinato), and I think is consonant each time I listen.
The song is very repetitive and is split into sections. I think it could be in the form of a rondo ABACADA, there is 2 verses a few hooks and 1 break.
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