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Peer Leading Project

No description

Pete Zanetti

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Peer Leading Project

By: Pete Zanetti Book Overview

In the 2006 off season, the NFL's most senior general manager, Ernie Accorsi, invited a reporter, Tom Callahan, inside the New York Giants organization for a season. What resulted was a compilation of what Callahan experienced first hand throughout that season. He put all of these experiences together in this book. General Manager
A General Manager (GM) has many responsibilities. Responsibilities vary depending on the team, but GMs are responsible for the entire operation of their team. However, most GMs do not have power over most commercial or financial decisions, just football matters. The GM has more power than any of the coaches or players. Without these General Managers, every team and the league would be complete chaos. Ernie Accorsi
Accorsi joined the Giants organization in 1994 as the assistant to the General Manager. In 1998 he succeeded George Young and became the General Manager. He retired on January 16, 2007, and was succeeded by Jerry Reese. Leadership
Many leadership skills are needed to be a General Manager. Two of these main skills are communication and group management, which go hand in hand. Accorsi was very strong in both of these areas. These skills helped him win and reach the highest level of success. How it All Comes Together
In his role as GM, Accorsi uses these two skills many times. In the NFL draft, he had to use great communication skills to make sure that every one was on the same page and knew what was happening in real time. Also, at daily practices and team meetings, he had to use good group management skills because he would have to direct all the players and coaches on their assignments. Conclusion

Skill set
time management
group management Questions?
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